Galactic Truckin’ Tourney


Joined. Didn’t see any notification :confused: Anyway, all live and you’re up. Have a good flight, everyone. Don’t worry, you won’t need those batteries. Probably.


Well, flight 2 was a bit of a flop… all those lasers for naught. Just a lot of open space, hopefully the flight 3 adventure deck will have a little more adventure!


We have a winner!!!

:milky_way::truck::medal_sports: @irishdomer08 :medal_sports::truck::milky_way:

Impressively, irishdomer (90) scored the highest total in every single round, so it is a well deserved :trophy: Indeed!

Runners up in the final, with final round scores, were @JHTaube (89), @SleepingGiant (58), @SpiceTheCat (33).

A tough break and honorable mention for JHTaube, who came within a point of possibly winning it all.

Do we have a “hall of fame” topic/page to record tourney champions?

Well played by all, I hope everyone had fun!


Thanks for organizing!


Congrats, @irishdomer08!

Not that we had a prize set up, but I have a Steam key for One Deck Dungeon if you’d like to claim it as champion. Let me know and I’ll forward it over.


When does the next one start? :grinning:


It will kick off at Stately Con I :laughing:


That sounds great @Neumannium! Thanks


Congrats to @irishdomer08! Thanks also to @SleepingGiant for organising. Great tourney :blush: