Galactic Truckin’ Tourney


Invite for pool E sent to @kennfusion, @JHTaube, and @whovian223!

I set it up for “No Giving Up” option, Classic Components, and Digital Deck. Let me know if I screwed any of that up and the settings should be different.

See you in space!


invites to pool D game have been sent to @Hardco, @Snotty128 and @KYakerDude.
look for “JammaTal’s game”.


I stand by my preference of Autopilot, and suggest that the lack of excitement comes from single-flight level 1 ships!


Table F created
@SleepingGiant, @irishdomer08, @SpiceTheCat


Game B results


Awesome, all three game 1 tables finished within a week, thanks to auto-pilot. I believe all three game 2 tables have begun or at least sent out invites with the ‘no giving up’ setting instead of auto-pilot. Let’s compare and contrast the experience.

Current bookkeeping:

Friendly trash-talking:
@Hardco if level 1 ships only are too boring, try to make it to the semi-finals and finals where we we will include level 2 and 3 ships, respectively.


I’m off to a bad start then! But now that I’ve read the rules, I’ll change up my strategy for round 3…


Game D:

Hardco 21
Kyakerdude 4
Jammaltal 3
Snotty128 0
A surprise slaver that didn’t appear in the preview cards caught everyone off guard. I was the only one to be able to defeat them, and 1 combat zone later only two of remained.


Speaking of reading rules, I‘ve only just read up on alien life supports, and uh, well, that purple alien life support is a good structural piece, I guess. Be up to speed for game 3…


it’s a strange rule that we can get half the points for lost and undelivered cargo on board of lost or blown up ships :thinking:

so a viable strategy to build a heavy cargo freighter. insurance will pay no matter what.


That was a harsh game.


Why are the alien life support useless? I thought they increased firepower.


Or engines, but, and here is the critical bit, only if you build them next to a cabin…


Well, we probably all learned this already, but taunting @Hardco leads to him getting the best score ever, so far.

@Hardco, @KYakerDude, @JammaTal can send out group game 3 invites for tables G,H,I, whenever, same rules.


hello @whovian223, @JHTaube and @JaneHatke,

game “SP table I” has been created.


Game 3, “SP Table H” has been created for @SleepingGiant, @Snotty128, and @kennfusion.


Invites are out for table G! We’re still waiting on @Neumannium and @SpiceTheCat.


I’m in!


Hm, can’t see it in the list. Could be because I’m StC there, sorry :confused:

Edit: and joined.


New game created with StC! Now waiting for @irishdomer08 and @Neumannium!