Galactic Truckin’ Tourney


I can’t get online for either GT or TtA. Anyone else having issues?


Looks ok to me


Ok, I’m in. Just seems to be an issue on my phone. Working fine on my iPad. No idea why.


I just realized I should make some tie-breaker rules before that unlikely event. First tie-breaker is number of wins in the group round. Following tie-breakers are scores in games 3, 2, 1, consecutively. Final tie-breaker would be whoever buys me a beer first, but that’s like a billion to one odds of getting to that scenario.


Waiting for @SpiceTheCat to join the game.


@JaneHatke -sorry, I can’t see a game invitation :confused:

Edit: ah, my username might be StC there. That might be why, although it does recognise me as SpiceTheCat.


@SpiceTheCat, open online games and find the game called JaneHatke’s game.


New game created, this time with new username for Spice.
@SpiceTheCat, @Neumannium, @JammaTal


have joined, Jane :grin:


And I’ve finally joined too. Sorry for the forgetting-my-username debacle. @Neumannium is up. Let the construction begin!


I think the game has started, but I have not had a turn yet. Are we playing this with just one turn per week? :smile:


I think it is @JHTaube turn. He may not be aware it’s his turn just yet.


Thanks for the nudge. I had not gotten a notification. Hopefully they’ll come through now.


I’ve noticed that the game starting doesn’t notify you (that’s why my turn was really late), but since the game began, I’ve been getting notifications.


What just happened? Our entire flight was automated? I’m confused…

Congrats to @JammaTal, regardless!


That’s because we were told to set game on Auto Pilot. I don’t like playing this way at all. It takes the fun out of the game. Anyone else agree?
Congratulations, @JammaTal!


I agree! I mean, it probably would have been the same result, but I do know that I would have picked an alien instead of 2 humans to boost my engines. It probably would have meant I didn’t finish due to those slavers, though, but not making the choices was weird.

Not a big deal. To be honest, I didn’t even realize Autopilot was an option.


It does seem like a fun vs. time tradeoff… a big part of the fun is watching your friends’ ships gradually get blown up by pirates and asteroids and sabotage and not knowing what will happen next, rather than watching a quick recap.

On the other hand, it can make the game feel tedious to wait for a day or two in between obvious decisions, just for other people to decide to opt for their only reasonable choices.

I’m fine with either, this first game of the group round could be called in an experiment in auto-pilot and we could switch for the remaining games if most people want. Click the heart icon on @JaneHatke’s post ^^ to vote for abandoning auto-pilot, manual override, Cap’n!

in any case, what were the scores?


absolutely! ALL the fun thrusts away into deep space.
not even winning was much fun :unamused:
my vote goes to “slow tedious boring fun”.

Jamma 12 $
Neumannium 9 $
Spice the Cat 8 $
Jane Hatke 6 $


Ok, I think the people have spoken, let’s switch to ‘no giving up’ instead of ‘auto-pilot’ for following games, unless there are objections.

Meanwhile, I think we all tried auto-pilot for game1, so it’s still fair. Before seeing any score results I randomized the other group round games, here is the latest overview.

I guess @Neumannium, @JaneHatke, @JammaTal can send invites to D, E, F when ready. Table A is currently one move away from feeling the disillusionment of auto-pilot :grimacing: