Gaia Project players wanted

Anyone interested in a game?

Sure, I’ll pick the game up.

i’m in.

Game created

Let me try here, since no response in the Decathlon practice area. Anyone for a game of Gaia Project? I have just played the AI a couple times now.

I’ll play, although I’ve never played before and haven’t touched TM in forever and a day

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I’ve literally just bought the game so I’ll be up for a test play. Give me a day to look at an intro video and the tutorials.

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This is longer, but I did not understand the game until I watched this video, and then went through the in-game tutorial to understand the UI.

I will wait a couple days for you and @js619 look at the tutorial.


I’m always interested in another game

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I can play more than one, so let’s see if someone else also is in and I will set that up also.

I’ll play another. I’m still relying on my Terra Mystica knowledge, and don’t really get all the Gaia Project systems. I should really read the rules or play through all of the tutorial…

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game sent to @Codington and @JMH.75

@Hardco will get you in one if we get more interest

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I’ll play–bought the game on sale and haven’t learned anything about it yet, so I might as well learn the hard way.

Ok, who are you in the app? I don’t see you when I search for you.

mgeiger9, although I wonder if I have to at least start another online game so my info migrates over.

you just showed up

OK then, not sure why that worked, but glad it did.

actually says “not yet migrated” same for @Hardco

edit: and now you are fixed

@Hardco can you log in and see if you can activate?

I don’t know about “activate”, but I added you to my friends list.

strange, I see you on my friends list, but your name is not there when I try to start a casual game.