First SP Ascension: Quaran-Tournament sign-ups

Count me in. cgareth is me.

salute Reporting for duty!

Ascension: “Private Prinny” (no underscore)

Oh, I didn’t even see latest expansion and promo pack.

Suppose I better buy it?

Delirium? Anything special about it?

It builds on the orange resource (insight?) introduced with the expansion that did the hidden deck you can draw from, and introduces a d6 which you can roll for the cost of 5 orange resources. d6 gives more white, more red, draw 2, gain 5 vp, banish a card, or gain 6 orange. Interesting when coupled with the hidden cards - do I roll vs draw a card etc

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We won’t be using any promos, just to be clear.

They are goofy fun, in general, but they tend to throw off the power curve. For tournament settings, they are best left out.

Sign-ups are clearly slowing down.

I’ll accept entries until today at 2 p.m. Pacific / 5 p.m. Eastern.

Yeah, I love Portals but there’s no way they’re good in a tournament.

Sorry for the delay, gang. I had one last burst of business at work …

… before my furlough began. Good times.

Anyway, I’ll get us started later today. We’ll use a separate tournament thread.