[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


Added you and sent out our table invite


Sorry but I don’t see the invite. I don’t see you on my friends list either so I suspect you’ve invited the wrong account


At this point, let’s just have you start the game.

Or delete your non-active accounts. Or something. This is madness. The idea of the first listed player starting the game is one of convenience only; ANYONE can start the game, really.


I’ve sent an invite to @JaneHatke and @JammaTal. The devs have done an awesome job with the multiplayer, but have obviously fallen foul to fringe cases like mine where I needed to change hardware so lost my original account.


I’ll never understand the friend codes. Is GameCenter completely gone? Has Apple made it impossible for us to play games with our former friends list?


I’m not sure about the current state of GameCenter other than that it still exists. That said, even if it were gone completely, there are clearly other ways to do online other than friend codes. Just look at…well, just about every board game app that has come out in the last year or two.


@geigerm @jason1002

Invitation sent for our game. I think one of you has accepted. If the other does not see the invitation then I have used an old Friend Code … in which case please advise the current correct code and I will set a new game.


I don’t see an invitation.



have seen and accepted your invitation. could make my opening move.
since then it’s “waiting for other players”.
for more than a day now.


@Hardco @TheDukester Have fun guys. I will not be a factor. Not even close. What a miserable selection of cards I’ve gotten. Anyone wanna trade?

(The preceding is not a guarantee of failure. Failure can never be guaranteed and luck can change. Right. That’s the ticket…)


I see your invite - accepted. I have withdrawn my invitation.

When I went to update your friend code in my friends list I saw that I had two separate entries labelled “JASON1002” … for my invite I had just taken the first one I found. Oh well. We will get going in time …


@Snotty128 and @JammaTal, is there a problem with our game as there hasn’t been any movement for almost 2 days? My screen says waiting for other players.
Someone else may want to restart our game.


I played my turn a few hours ago, it seems to me that we are a few turns into the game


for me our game is in round 5 now. “waiting for other players” itm
6 remaining days on my timer.


Table 2:
Hardco 36
@Zebracadabra 30
@TheDukester 27

The game was closer than it should have been, because I skipped my turn twice. I selected develop thinking I had enough to play a 6 cost development. Then when the game came back to me without me having the chance to play a card, I assumed it was a bug and selected develop again…

Things went well for me at the start though, with a Pirate World and a +2 trade world letting me sell for 7 every second turn.


Table 3

Snotty 42
@JammaTal 38
@JaneHatke 28

Good game all


I skipped my turn twice, too. Very depressing – especially since the first one was pretty much forgetting a key rule.


Round 6 result

@geigerm 21
@robthomasson 46
@jason1002 53

I shipped out a lot of rare and novelty goods.

Good game


Good game and congrats on the win! I had lousy cards to start and couldn’t recover quickly enough.


Round 6 result.

Great game, @Pitta!