[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge

As discussed elsewhere, let’s step away from the two-player madness and play some old-school Race for the Galaxy.

This thread is your sign-up sheet for the Three-Man Challenge. The format below should keep the progress moving and keep everyone interested.

Games: Three-player games of RftG. Any set/sets are okay, with the exception of the takeover rules. Which are lame. So always leave the takeovers box unchecked. We won’t be using scores as a tie-breaker, so it won’t matter if you play with or without goals, or whatever.

Format: The tournament committee (me) will use a randomizer (my old D&D dice) to place players into three-player games, with the goal of never repeating any one group. The exact number of matches will be determined by how many players we get, but we’ll shoot for a minimum of four and a maximum of (probably) eight.

Important: The idea is that you can play all of your matches simultaneously, if desired. In fact, this is encouraged. If you find one game stalling out because someone has a project due at work … well, at least you’re not waiting around. You’ve got all these other matches to play.

Once we get going, you’ll see a list of three-player tables. The first player listed will handle the invites for the table and will get to pick the sets in use.

Points: Four points for winning; two points for second; one point for DFL.

Playoffs: The top three points-scorers will meet at one final three-man table, for the prizes and the glory.

Top prize: You get to edit Stately Play for a week! (note: totally not approved by current SP editors).

Minimum expectation: Three-player games can really stall if one person checks out for too long. I’m asking for committed players here, who, at the very least, will make two moves per day. That is the low end. Preferably, our players will be able to check in throughout the day and issue new moves as needed.

I’m setting an initial goal of 10 players. Who’s with me?

I’m in it to win it.

Everyone below this picture of our winner’s trophy will be crushed without mercy.

I am in. Thanks for setting this up.

you can call me an official sucker for the 2-P, but i’m ready for new challenges and experience.
so take me in, please.

I’m in for this!

I am in - 8 games simultaneously might be ideal but it’s going to be impossible for some (like me). I can handle four comfortably, though.

I’ll play

I’m in!

Though this weekend (Thursday - Sunday), I may only be able to do one turn (hopefully two, but we’ll see). I’m at a convention.

Unless it doesn’t start until next week of course.

Never played a more than 2 players game so why not, I’m happily in.

I don’t understand the bitterness against takeovers tough, it is hands down my preferred way to play the game now, expecially the RvI scenario.
It’s basically the Star Wars card game I always wanted…I love when the Empire takeovers rebel scum planets or the Rebels reach impossibile scores from the cantina while the Empire fails to set up its army early.
So good imho.

I’ll play.

mhatke and 2I22BAVV on RFTG

Sure, count me in.

geigerm (code: RXMKAWWW)

Sounds fun, count me in! I haven’t played a 3p game in years!

They definitely can be at any pace the player desires. I mostly just wanted to point out that there’s no need to go one at time.

Oh, God — the codes. Stupid, stupid codes.

Maybe we’ll just put them all in one post once we close down sign-ups …

Pick me! I am in

Im in. Looks like fun

I’m not sure how I feel about 3p, but I’ll give it a shot…

3EG1UD77…my code

Galactic citizens: friendly reminder that we have a thread for collecting all known friend codes. Nothing wrong with posting here too, though.

Okay, I count like 13 or 14. That’s a solid number right there.

Sign-ups will close at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific) on Friday.

I’ll try to post our final format and tables on Sunday.