[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


How do you guys skip turns?


Take an action that you can’t do (like Develop when you don’t have any developments)


Or just press pass in error.
Happens me all the time especially on iPhone, costed me a lot of games.


Woot, I didn’t realize it was over already!!!


Round 6 result, GG guys!


What? It’s over. I was just about to come from behind.

Great game! Congratulations SleepingGiant.


At the start of final turn I had 2 developments that would have been 7-9 points each and enough cards to use them and our scores were basically all tied, but also just drew improved logistics so I had to think hard about taking the risk to just end it before you may well have caught up.

I also got quite lucky to start with 2 military and trade league and a bunch of cheap planets that fit well with the goals, so I’m chalking this one up to luck over skill :slight_smile:


Updated standings, Round 7 matchups coming soon … but, first: playoffs!


Three-Man Challenge playoffs format

Qualifiers: Top eight finishers after eight rounds

Format: A series of four, single-elimination three-man RftG games

Matchups: Places 6, 7, and 8 will meet in the only Quarterfinals game. The winner will advance to Semifinal A.

Semifinal A: Places 4, 5 and the Quarterfinals winner. The winner will advance to the Grand Final.

Semifinal B: Places 1, 2, and 3. The top two finishers will advance to the Grand Final.

For those who care about theory (and this is optional reading), I like uncentered playoffs format like this, for two reasons: first, the plan here rewards regular-season performance. Two of our top three finishers are guaranteed a spot in the finals.

Second, it offers some hope for the mid-table. After all, an eighth-place finish could lead to a spot in the finals. But the road will be a long, difficult one.

TL; DR: Finish in the top eight.


Work is just all up in my grille …

Thus: Round 7 matchups coming Monday.


Here’s your standings after six rounds, along with your color-coded seventh-round matchup. This is the second of our three Swiss-based rounds.

The top player in each grouping should send make the table and send invites: @SleepingGiant, @Snotty128, @JammaTal, @JaneHatke, @geigerm

See above post for playoffs protocols.


Woohoo! Second to last!!!

Almost achieved my goal…


Jason1002 57
@TheDukester 43
@JammaTal 29

Good game. I had the brown and blue planets goal, and I shipped a lot at X 2 . I played a 6 cost dev that earned me 10 pts at the end, for all my windfall worlds. I knew my opponents would choose develop at the end so I didn’t choose it.



I mean … good game.

I’m going to miss the playoffs of my own event. I think drinking is the only answer.


must have been a hard one for you, Duke.
you had a great start with military combos, jumping to an impressive lead.
but then jason’s consume train built up steam power, closing in from behind and speeding over you in the very last turn :hushed:


Great game guys!!!
Last turn was tense!!!


Great win, @Pitta!


hardco 48
@Baelnor 40
@SleepingGiant 28

(My screencap is on another device, so the scores may be wrong)

Baelnor and I got early economies going, with me selling alien goods, him using double consume with some high card draw consume abilities. SleepingGiant couldn’t do much when we were drawing tons of cards. I got the Terraforming 6-development, and rode that with the double explore development to scoop up the Rebel worlds goal on the last turn. Good game all!


Well done and super fast paced!

I only realised halfway through the final turn that the correct play for me was to dig for a military world with scout, and not double consume. Still probably an impossible task!

Great game!

Shall we do it again? :wink:


Finished the second group game. The results:

KYakerDude 38
@Snotty128 37
@Zebracadabra 17

It was very close, I eked out the win by choosing double points in the hope that someone would let me play a production world. Great game.