[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


Too right! I could not make anything work and was a very distant and somewhat pathetic third.

Of course I was way ahead when we had to abandon our first attempt with a slew of points waiting to be played … but I would say that wouldn’t I?


I took a screenshot this time!

Great game, @geigerm!


I was upset that my Rebel Cantina did not count toward the “Most rebel military worlds” goal, because it is not military.


Zebra -49. I played 14 cards.
@SleepingGiant -38 Giant played 12 cards.
@Snotty128 -27 snotty played 10 card.

Pretty much tells the story.



Thanks! Glad to finally get in the win column, especially after such a close game.


Standings through four completed rounds:

Coming soon: details on the three remaining rounds, along with playoffs format.


Round 5 Result …

64 rob
48 Mike Hatke
24 TheDukester

I have not grokked three player RftG. This game fell into my lap and others did not.
But the tourney results do show that understanding will prevail …


A few important updates:

1. The end of the fifth round will be our “rally point.” In other words, we won’t move on until the round is completely finished. (This was the plan all along, for those who are curious; my one fear with this event was that some players might get too far ahead of others, due to time zones and other weirdness).

2. The fifth round is also the last one for the random, dice-driven matchups.

3. Rounds 6, 7, and 8 will feature a patented “Swiss/Scottish” system.

The tables for each of those rounds will be determined by the standings from the previous round. The top three in the standings will meet at one table; places 4-6 will meet at a second table, and etc., etc., down to places 13-14-15 meeting at the final table.

What this means: again, we will all progress together from here on out; no one will be able to finish weeks ahead of anyone else. Also, our standings (might) tighten up and give us some added drama. Swiss systems are good for that sort of thing.

(The “Scottish” comes from imitating the idea of splitting a season like the Scottish Premiership does)

4. Coming up: fifth-round standings, along with an announcement of playoff procedures.

5. I will be traveling this week, and I doubt I’ll be checking in much. If you are finished with your fifth-round match, just hang tight. There’s nothing you can do until the sixth round is announced. Play some Through the Ages or something.


LOL … just realized that the fifth round is finished. My match was the last one.

Okay, then. Everyone hang on for some quick standings and then Round 6 tables.


Standings through five completed rounds:


Check out that fancy coloring above … and that’s also your Round 6 matchup.

I’ll go ahead and spell it out a bit, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea. Think “three-person Swiss.”

Table 1: @Baelnor, @SleepingGiant, @KYakerDude
Table 2: Me, @Hardco, @Zebracadabra
Table 3: @JaneHatke, @Snotty128, @JammaTal
Table 4: @robthomasson, @jason1002, @geigerm
Table 5: @whovian223, @irishdomer08, @Pitta

The convention center is now open. If you are the first player listed, please set up your match.


Just created my match.

@irishdomer08 I hope I have the right friend code. It’s the only one on my Friends list, but it does say “IPAD,” so I’m not sure if that’s your regular one now.


I’ve also begun the Table 2 match.


@JammaTal, I’m not able to add your name to my friend’s list. Message says for you to try to add my name.


3EG1UD77 My code


done :blush:
can you create the game now or shall i do so?

my actual code: 4G68I3YY


@whovian223 I don’t see an invite. My code is 2I22BAVV


It’s not letting me add you. Every time I put your friend code in, it just disappears.

But the only “irishdomer” I see on my Friends list is your iPad one.

Can you add me? I’m GGEEUS99


Table 3 invites sent


I’m challenging myself by trying to think of something I hate more than the RftG friend codes.

So far, I’m coming up blank.