[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


I think it has kicked off okay, first time I have seen such heavy sell action so early!!!

Crazy progression next I imagine


Just making sure on that tie for second place.

We’ll split the points, since there’s no official tie-breaker for anything other than winning.


Yeah, that score is correct. @irishdomer08 and I each had 35 points.


Round 4 @whovian223 @Hardco @Pitta I forgot to take a screenshot. Wasn’t able to post on here.

Did either of you record the score?

I remember I won, I think Hardco then Pitta, but I don’t remember the scores (though I think I barely edged out Hardco)


Sorry I didn’t record but I remember as you said as well.
You both were very close, while I was far behind.

I discovered strategy in a 3 player game is vastly different from 2 player experienced. By the time I’m ready to deploy the heavy points, the game is almost always already completed.


It is very different huh? 3p mode is my favourite, but is still can’t consistently beat the Ai. Sit at around 20-25% win rate vs 3p hardest ai


TBH I’m not sure I’m a fan, but I’m having fun playing these challenges.
My favorite mode is still, hands down and by a wide margin, the Rebel vs Imperium scenario.

The game is anyway, in any mode, my GOTY so far.


That sounds about right to me. I’d have screencapped it if I won…


I agree.


Round 4, table 4 result in, solid game all around.

Giant 47, Zebra 41, Baelnor 36


The game Giant won very well. There was a point I thought it was going to end quick but it dragged out and I ran out of steam.

Well done!


Other game that just finished, I had a great combo with cheap military worlds, the starter world that let you drop military as normals for -1 cost and a couple of fat 6+ devs meant it all clicked.

Good game!


56 points without even having gambling world, very impressive!


Round 5 results:

KYakerDude 46
@Hardco 39
@JaneHatke 23

Great game everyone. Hardco looked like he was heading for the win when I got a development that would grow in value while also playing planets that would secure one of the goals. We ended up all getting the consumer planet goal (or whatever it is called).

P.S. I would have posted the table with the cards, but for some reason it was too big to upload, this picture was okay.


Status report

Rounds 1-3: complete
Round 4: missing one match (@robthomasson, @Snotty128, @JaneHatke)
Round 5: underway

Coming soon: Details for final three rounds


Yeah, I struggled at the beginning with no decent cheap developments, causing me to miss some build opportunities… I had a couple good 6 developments in hand towards the end of the game, but I wasn’t going to have time to get them out. My only hope was that you didn’t have a Rare earth/Novelty world at the end… Gg!


Good win, @KYakerDude! Congrats!
@Hardco, well played too! ( as always)
Thanks for the game. I can always learn much from both of you.


Ehrmigerd! Won a close one in Round 4. At the end, I had no cards and no plan. But the finish line was reached with my dying gasp.

Me 52, Geiger 50, Jamma 41. GG, guys.


The outstanding round 4 game has ended

44 to 19 to 10

Won by myself, 2nd place to @JaneHatke with @robthomasson not able to get in gear and bringing up the rear


Nice win, @Snotty128!