[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


@Snotty128 @robthomasson…I accepted new invite sent by Rob but we are waiting for Snotty to accept and get our game rolling


Sorry I’ve not seen an invite

@robthomasson I’ve had a couple of profiles with the same name, the active profile has the bird man type avatar


Ugh, or am I the blue alien. I thought I linked both iPads but they are showing different avatars. Regardless, there’s no invite on either device


hahaha, Snotty, you should think on deleting some of those profiles.
but wait…which is the good one and which are the “bad”? :thinking:


Which Friend Code should I use for you now?

I guess I was using an old Froend Code … the avatar is a kind of grunt or something with a green background … but knowing it should be a blue alien or bird man does not guide me :nerd:


I’m sure I used the device link feature this time. I’ve got the same friend code on both devices A8269YBB , the same friends on my list, but different avatars and different stats.

I’d delete the old profiles if I knew a way to get to them :slight_smile: but I think they are long gone after deleting the app and formatting the iPad. The old profiles only linger on as ghosts on other people’s friends list. Maybe not ghosts, perhaps clones that have gone rogue would be more in fitting with the theme.


so you can’t see those ‘ghost profiles’ when looking into Avatar/Profiles?
then all friends must delete all your entries from their friendslists and then copy & paste your actual valid code :upside_down:


Round 3 Game 1:
Hardco 44
@robthomasson 30
@JammaTal 18



Thank you … your friend code of A8269YBB shows me the blue alien avatar.


New invitation sent …


Status report

Round 1: complete
Round 2: missing one match (@JaneHatke, @Zebracadabra, @Hardco)
Round 3: missing one match (@geigerm, @irishdomer08, @JaneHatke)
Round 4: underway
Round 5: not yet posted

Coming soon: fifth round, standings, playoffs format


Round 2:
Hardco 30
@Zebracadabra 29
@JaneHatke 27

Close one!


That round 3 game is close to done, as our empires are almost full.


Standings, through two completed rounds:


Nice to have company down here!


Round 5


First played listed: begin games at any time


What does DFL stand for?


Dead F-ing Last?


Jane Hatke 40

Geiger 35

MHatke 35

Good game all!


Got it in one.


i have created game 5/5 with Pitta and Baelnor, but game is still sitting and waiting.

[edit] this game is running fine now and will overtake my round 4 game very soon because that one moves slowly.