[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


Ah, thanks.


Camping this weekend with no wifi, so probably no moves from me until Mon. If no moves by Tue then probably eaten by bears. :bear:


Managed to get a jump on all the goals and didn’t miss out on a dev/settle action, leading to a very full board.

@TheDukester had a huge military I was worried would turn into the 6 cost dev for heaps of points


IRL: 0-0 me vs bears, ideal match result.
In round 3 table 4: Giant 32, Jason 22, Snotty 11.


Good game @SleepingGiant, I can’t believe you got all those military worlds with strength of 2 and 3. To get them all you only had Space Marines and the dev that lets you discard a card to get a military pt for that turn.


@Snotty128 @JaneHatke

I have hit a repeatable bug in our game which prevents progress. I choose my desired action, tap OK, and the game crashes. I will report this and let you know what happens.

Race for the Galaxy 1 on 1 Galactic Master Challenge

Here are the result of a game between KKakerDude 39, MaryJaneHatke 25, and Jason 22.


My last action was to gamble at the gambling world, perhaps we need to avoid that card if it’s causing problems


@Snotty128 @JaneHatke

Jeff from TempleGates Games responded as quickly as ever … and regrets to tell us that our game is corrupted and cannot be recovered.

We need to start a new one … I will send the invites out now …


the very same reproducable crash just now in my Galactic Master challenge game with @Jules!
Jeff Gates from TempleGates said they would investigate the crash.
i had activated the “settings/analytics/share with developers” option to forward crash data to them.

Jules’ last action had been to use the Gambling World :persevere:
for two times before he had won a card by using it and it was ok, this time he has lost his ante for the very first time.

@Snotty128, had you lost your ante too?
seems like the game is thrown out of sync by this.


Yup lost my ante. It was the first time I used the card so I’m not sure if it would work if I had won.


Zebracadabra 45
@KYakerDude 39
@whovian223 23

Omg, 42 vps from Rebel and Imperium! Gg, guys. I doubt I’ll ever repeat that.


An observation in the case of game ending bugs: if the game has progressed to the point that the winner is not in doubt, I suggest we accept the score at that point as the end result.


There were only half a dozen cards in each tableau, so it was really anybodys game still


For clarity, I’m the mhatke in the result reported by @KYakerDude

@KYakerDude 39
Me 25
@jason1002 22



Jules having used the Gambling World successfully twice without causing a crash suggests it might be the fail being the bad boy.


We’ll take game-stopping crashes on a case-by-case basis … and hope that that’s our only one.

I will say that I’m not comfortable with declaring a winner. This is a game where 14-point developments are routinely dropped as the 11th and 12th cards. The visible scoreboard often doesn’t tell the tale.

But let’s just hope it doesn’t come up again.


Also, Gambling World is a stupid card. It’s causing these crashes just from the gravitational pull of its suckiness.


Whoops. Thanks for the correction.


i object! as i had already posted on Slack:

the card has great potential.
my opponent used it twice for great benefit.

  1. flipped Merchant Guild, Pan-Galactic Research, Star Nomad Lair and Galactic Renaissance.
    kept P-G Research.
  2. flipped Rebel Stronghold, Galactic Resort, Galactic Imperium, R&D Crash Program.
    kept R&D CP.

it’s like a free Explore action. you can choose the best fit for your strategy.
it will be triggered quite often when played early.
and it’s low cost.