[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


GG guys, it was really tense in the end!


It’s a specialty die from Zocchi. One side gives the results of like eight different dice (note the shapes that correspond to well-known polyhedral shapes).


Round 1 complete!

I’ll add Round 4, soon-ish.


Round 2: Game 1

Snotty128: @KYakerDude: @whovian223


Good game! I got a nice produce/consume engine running with tourist world as my 5th card


Good game! I…really suck at this game.


Fast and furious game. Everything clicked and I ended up with a monster hand at the end


Round 4

First player listed … you know the drill.


Just double-checking: it is possible to be playing the same player twice?

Because I’ve already played Pitta


Invite out for 15-13-6

[@Snotty128 Thanks for the code message]


Nice one @Baelnor! I can’t find your friend code anywhere for our round 4 game with Zebra. My code is MTQAW1CC


More than possible … it’s practically guaranteed.

We will try to avoid three-player repeats, however.


Scroll up a bit … it’s in this thread.


@Hardco what’s your Friend Code? I can’t find it in the Friend Code thread (I’m sure I just missed it)


Got it! In my defense, I did check the friend codes thread and scan this thread for all posts by Baelnor, then thanks to your comment I found I had to expand the comments under Domer’s post to find it.


I hate the codes thing so much … honestly, I’m a bit surprised that 40 percent of this thread isn’t everyone asking for codes.


I don’t really understand why they are necessary. On top of that, as far as I can tell, if I am logged in on my iphone, I am logged out on my ipad and have to go through the whole code transfer thing every time I want to change devices. What is the logic, here? Is there a reason they can’t do online like virtually every other online board game?


SY4HDVRR is my friend code!


Are you sure of that?
If you link the devices (just once) you can open the app whenever you want (even both) and you will receive notifications on both.
At least mine work so, never had to do the device link thing after the first time.


Oh, I guess I’m not sure. All I know is that when I did device link and entered the code from my iPad to my iPhone it immediately logged me out on the iPad.


I’ve used both with no problems. You may have to log in again on your iPad, but once you do, you should be fine.