[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


Seven of the eight playoff spots have been clinched, and the winner at Table 3 will complete the field. And that ain’t gonna be me.

I’m going to finish ninth in an eight-person race. Who thought up this ridiculous playoff system?


Table 5 Result

@robthomasson 43
@irishdomer08 38
@whovian223 28

I remembered how to play a bit … but only got clear of Mike at the very end.


Great game, @robthomasson! Yeah, I really stunk that one out.


Zebracadabra 48, @TheDukester 29, @JaneHatke 16

Gg, all! Enjoyed the matches.


And that’s a wrap. We’re down to eight.

Stay tuned for official playoffs pairings tomorrow.


I’ll post a fancy final standings later, but there’s no reason not to go ahead and get the tournament portion started.

Quarterfinals match: @Zebracadabra (20 points) is inviting @JammaTal and @jason1002 (19 points apiece). The winner advances to the semifinals; the others are eliminated.

Begin when ready.


Invite out.

Thanks for running this, Duke!


Our first semifinal could probably start at any time.

The top three finishers were @SleepingGiant (25 points), @Hardco (23), and @Baelnor (22). And, yes, you guys have to play each other again. I was hoping our modified Swiss thing would break things up more.

For anyone curious, @Baelnor won a tie-breaker against @Snotty128. The two never played against each other, according to my notes, and @baelnor had a better record against our first-place finisher.

Start the game whenever you’re ready, @SleepingGiant. The top two finishers advance to the finals.


Obviously I would rather have won the tiebreaker and ended up at the top table, but the way this is done seems entirely fair to me


Invite sent! It is unfortunate we didn’t get to play other people more, but I think it is great you are sticking to the format you set out, and I think it’s a great format, thanks for organizing @TheDukester


Close game! I had many windfall worlds and the 6 dev that went with them.


a real nailbiter finish.
grats on your win, jason1002!


Okay, that sets up our second semifinal.

@Snotty128 should set up a table with @KYakerDude and @jason1002. The winner advances to the finals; the others are sent to labor camps.


Great game @Snotty128 and @jason1002. I had a great starting hand for a military strategy and the military cards I needed kept coming my way.

KYakerDude: 40
Snotty128: 35
Jason1002: 24


I needed it to last a few more turns so I could do consume X 2 , produce, rinse and repeat.


Great game, and very tense from my point of view as I was always just behind Js619. Sadly the Spartans and their +12 military was just too much to handle. A game worthy of a semi final


Argh, I just chose my action and clicked ok, then it didn’t seem like it clicked so I clicked again and it passed. That’s a bummer.


@SleepingGiant that sucks man! Was that one of the double sell actions?

This game is so damned close. Coming into what may be the final round I have a narrow lease on 40 vs 33 vs 33.

@Hardco has 6 goods on his planets, so he has a stack of points to flop from that (at least 10).

Should be a tight finish!!!


I clicked settle so I could place black market world and then trade in hardco’s trade phase, but then double clicked and missed both. The game should allow undo if nobody else’s move is visible yet. I guess the lesson is wait longer between clicking. Ah well, it is still an exciting game.


Well, after getting spanked in our last two (three?) I came through with an incredibly efficient pay for military, with cost reduction. Never ran out of cards.

Great game guys!