[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


Two games ago, I score my highest ever 87. Then I score my lowest ever. Lol.


Status report:

Round 7: Four of five tables completed.
Round 8: Awaits final Round 7 numbers


Normally, I wouldn’t do this as a tournament organizer … but, yes, go ahead and start your Round 8 match.

You guys got the one specific result that meant that no one from table 2 can catch or pass you before we start the final round.

(The same thing will happen at table 5 if @irishdomer08 wins)

I don’t care who does the invites, but I’m declaring the Round 8 match between @SleepingGiant, @Baelnor, and @Hardco to be open.


Could we get a progress report, @geigerm, @whovian223, or @irishdomer08? Kthxby!


Round 9. Two of us have 7 cards out, the other has 6.

And I’m losing badly. :slight_smile:


There’s another Round 8 match that can begin, also, as our second group of players is already locked in, mathematically.

So … your table is open, @KYakerDude, @Snotty128, and @jason1002. Whoever sees this first can go ahead and set up a match.


Status report:

Round 7: Four of five matches finished
Round 8: Two of five matches underway


Excellent round 7 game @Hardco and @Baelnor, not so much on my part. I just sent invites for our round 8 rematch, but if it doesn’t look right then abandon and send invites…


The match between irishdomer08, @geigerm, and @whovian223 is complete because I ran out of time. Oops.

Put me last. I believe @geigerm was out in front by quite a bit. @whovian223 2nd


Yes, I was way behind.

So far behind I couldn’t even see your taillights


Okay, not ideal … but, yes, I’ll mark it and we’ll all move on to the final round.


Standings, through seven of eight rounds:

(the big tie at 15 points was broken randomly)

I believe Table 1 is underway; I believe Table 2 is either underway or else invites just got sent.

So … @Zebracadabra, go ahead and set up Table 3. And @JammaTal will set up Table 4. Finally, @robthomasson, please set up Table 5.

As a reminder: this is the final round. The playoffs procedures are listed in a post above.


I can’t seem to edit the thread title any longer. But, rest assured, we are on the final round.


It is done …


Ties in the final standings for third/fourth, fifth/sixth, and eighth/ninth are the important ones, and all are possible.

We haven’t been tracking points (which is fine; tracking points is over-rated), so that is out as a tie-breaker, and I doubt “most wins” or “most whatever” is going to break any ties. I think the tied players will end up with identical records.

But I should get this on the record, especially as my personal total here could easily have me end up in a tie for the eighth and final spot. Let’s not have any shenanigans.

Here’s our tie-breakers:

  1. Most wins (FWIW; I don’t think this will come into play);
  2. Record against tied opponents;
  3. Record against our final first-place finisher … then, if still tied, record against second-place finisher … and repeat, as needed;
  4. Total panic.


Table 2 is complete. While each player played quickly, the game itself felt very slow at 12 rounds long. It took a while before any decent engines got set up

Snotty : 40
@KYakerDude : 30
@jason1002 : 24


table 4 report:

Jamma - 40
geigerm - 36
Pitta - 24


GG! Final score does not really show how close this game really was, I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way!


I had a difficult decision the last round whether to drop a nothing 6 development for 2 points, or explore for 4 points. Obviously I made the wrong choice!

I missed the final tableau, but I assume you dropped 2 rebel worlds given your score…

If I hadn’t Explored, did you have a big enough 6 development to put you over the top though?


Yeah, I had a 10 point galactic exchange development. It was hard not to play that, but I did the math and I would have gotten 17 in the final round with that and one rebel planet, versus the 20 I got with improved logistics and two rebel planets I had been holding the entire game. I had both of those developments in hand since the previous turn, so I don’t think exploring would have changed it. And Belg also played played settle action. I thought you were going to win until the final bend broke my way. Awesome game, see you in the playoffs!