[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


Great game, I don’t think my misclicked turn would have changed the final standings, so that is a relief! Good luck to both of you in the final rounds!


Good game all! I think that’s the most production planets I’ve ever had in play…


Down to the final table. Drama!

Gird your loins, @Baelnor, @Hardco, and @KYakerDude. Only one can be the Galactic Master.

If there’s no objections, let’s have @Baelnor send out the invite, since he won at the “featured” table.

Begin when ready.


Invite has been sent! May the odds something something…


So, I was fortunate enough to have a dream run. Windfall military + 4 card blues + fat 6 devs.

Good game!


Yeah, it was a close game until the last turn. I had to hope that you didn’t draw into a fat 6-development with your last trade. But with a full hand it didn’t seem likely that my 9 point play was going to hold up… Good game!


Is it over?

Can someone spell out the final scores? I find those screenshots difficult to read.


Baelnor 41
Hardco 30
Kayaker 23


Okay, then, adding it all up … after nearly four months:

Champion (and new Stately Play editor): @Baelnor
Runner-up: @Hardco
Third: @KYakerDude
Fourth through sixth places go to our semifinal losers.

I’m happy to see that three-player Race can work in a tournament setting. Personally, it’s my preferred number of players.

Thanks, everyone; I thought it went well. I figured on finishing in 2018, for sure.


I meant to post this earlier. We’ll just leave it here for future historians.

Final standings, with color-coded playoff assignments: