Race for the Galaxy friend codes


Just a thread for posting friend codes for RFtG

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[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge

My profile and friend code are:

JS619 - 8MG76XKK

(Forum wouldn’t let me just post the code since it’s not a complete sentence…)


Jason1002 JPDWWJRR


Whovian223 - GGEEUS99


mhatke (iPhone) - 2I22BAVV


halfvoid: EJ6MCVTT


athros: 7CBB4PTT


geigerm: RXMKAWWW


Neumannium CXAKTIGG


Soolseem QZ1ATBEE


TheDukester = SIQF4Z77


KYakerDude = 6BYWSBXX


Giant – MTQAW1CC


JammaTal - 4G68I3YY

whoa! i was so glad about the paste function when adding all these codes :expressionless:


JulesvH = IE1BIPKK

I would like to play with another person completely new to the game.


How do we start a game with some friends that we have added?


I think it’s Play Online, then create a custom game. In the slots that aren’t you, tap and it will allow you to pick from your friend list.


I want to play with the Gathering Storm expansion. If I pick a few friends out of my friends list, how do I know if they have this expansion?


Only the person creating the games needs to own the expansion. Anyone else joining it can just join.


That’s great !