[FINAL RESULTS] SP Race for the Galaxy Three-Man Challenge


My only foray into 3 player RftG was ignominious. So I need the practice.

Please add me to the stellar line-up … it is always a pleasure to play against such a great gaggle of gamers.


Okay, here we go.

The first step: we are all getting numbers. You’ll need to remember your number, because that’s how the table assignments will be made. This will save me much typing time:

1: TheDukester
2: Jason
3: JammaTal
4: KyakerDude
5: Zebracadabra
6: JaneHatke
7: Whovian
8: Pitta
9: IrishDomer
10: GeigerM
11: SleepingGiant
12: Baelnor
13: Snotty
14: HardCo
15: RobGoose-a-son

Please make a note of, or just memorize, your number.


Fifteen gives us a nice number of even rounds … even though the “rounds” themselves are sort of mythical. There was never a chance we’d all play everyone else. But, still, it’s nice when everything squares off.

We’ll shoot for eight rounds. Each round will have five three-player tables. Points will be awarded on a 4-2-1 basis.


Okay, here we go.

Here’s table assignments for the first two rounds to get us started. The matchups are in three-player groups and look like x-y-z. If you are the first player mentioned – the X – then you should create the game (remember, no takeovers). For instance, in our very first game below, player 9 is mentioned first and therefore should create the game.

Feel free to play both of your games simultaneously. Later this week, I’ll post rounds 3 and 4.

Round 1

Round 2


@Baelnor what is your friend code?



Invites are out for both of my matches.



Friend code


Thanks @Baelnor. Both of my invites are out. Good luck to all.

Thanks for organizing @TheDukester


Just took my first turn. This thing is ON.


i got a notification for an invitation to a RftG game, but can’t see it inside of RftG.
i suppose it might have been the 3P invitation sent by @geigerm?
i know this quite well. happens if my old code is used.

geigerm, you should delete me from your friends list and then copy & paste my new code 4G68I3YY for sending a fresh invite.

we have played our league game recently. but i think i had created that game.


@JammaTal Yup, that’s what happened. Just created a new game with @Pitta and you.


@jason1002@Baelnor … why aren’t we going yet?


I see someone started our game, dukester.


I deleted it and tried again.

So, that’s you and I in there? If so … where are you, @Baelnor?


I’ve not received an invite from @whovian223 yet


Go ahead and make it yourself, then.

Also, all players, see new policy below.



If the designated player has not sent out invites within two days of a table being announced, either of the other two players may start the game.

Sidebar: Surprised this is happening … let’s go, guys and gals. You signed up; now it’s time to follow through.


Sorry guys. I’ve been away from the computer for a bit (my “unread” part of the site is pretty lengthy right now) and I also thought it was said we didn’t have to do both games at the same time.

So I didn’t worry about it.

Invites sent now.


That is a good point. And you did read everything correctly.

I just assumed everyone would want to play both at once. But maybe not.

I know that I do, personally, because three-player games are so s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w. I can’t envision not being able to track two games, since each will be lucky to get two full turns per day. And one turn is more likely. I know that in my one game that’s started, we’ve all been checking in pretty regularly, but are still only three cards into it.

TL;DR: You’re right, and one game at a time is fine. However, I will heartily endorse at least trying two at one.


No worries! Under normal circumstances, I would have started the game, and I happily accepted the first invite.

Just didn’t actually see the line-ups and that I was first player on the second game (since I hadn’t come back here yet).

I’m happy to have two games going.