Cthulhu Realms Tournament



What is your Cthulhu Realms id? I think that I tried “HolstenKnight”, “Holsten-Knight”, “Holsten_Knight” and “Holsten Knight”. Apologies if it is in the thread above and I missed it. I guess it is “Holsten” but now want to be sure.

I am “robt” as per post up above.


hello Rob! it was in the thread above.
but my organizer’s pleasure to make things easier for the players :smile:

go on and beat my unruly son. his eyes start to show a yellow shimmer as he hasn’t lost in a long streak of games now. scares me :flushed:


Thank you Mike. Of course, when I looked after seeing your reply I saw the relevant list immediately having missed it before (I think I was looking too much at the opening posts). D’oh!

Anyway - challenge issued to Holsten.


and here we are:
“thank you for the feedback. we’ll look into it.
kind regards,
White Wizard Games Support”


I won against rob, GG.
It was a battle of gain sanity against abjure cards. At one time I think rob was ahead something like 70:30, but in the end I was able to get a mean deck, with a lot of 7 and 8 cards and abjured all starting cards. I think the best deck I had so far in CR. :grin:


all my games vs zebracadabra end in dramatic sprints to the finish line.

again i had the lead right from the start but zebra gained enormous momentum from turn to turn.
in the end i fell down but managed to stretch my neck to cross the line. barely.
i would not have survived another turn.
GG and great fun!

challenge sent to geigerm.



Whoops! Mistapped and rejected your challenge. Sent one to you.

Now … must try and tap properly. I made one horrible mistake in my game against @HolstenKnight - it would not have changed the result but it still made my come over all aquiver.


I won against hardco ( 50:-19), I managed to get a base… uhm location of course, overflow deck. With 3-5 locations out every turn.


I thought I was in good shape at the beginning, you got one good yellow location, but I had locked you out of yellow cards, and I thought I was set up for better draws. Then I screwed up trying to get an abjured card to the top of the deck (I didn’t realize the ability was tied to the card being in play rather than triggering on the card being played). Everything went downhill after that… Well played!


My yellow location had no benefit from yellow cards, just artefacts and entities… but on the other hand, most artefacts are yellow. And yeah you did a pretty good job to keep them away from me for a long time. After I finally got some my deck started to do dmg :sweat_smile:


Good game with @Neep65. He kept building up the sanity loss cards and I couldn’t keep up with it.

Lost 34 to -9


I advanced to the final in a good match against jamma, where I had one ridiculous lucky draw. So, hurry in the losers bracket. I want to see how many finals I have to lose before I win my first… was it 4 or 5 in star realms? :sweat_smile:


[quote=“HolstenKnight, post:72, topic:169, full:true”]So, hurry in the losers bracket. I want to see how many finals I have to lose before I win my first… was it 4 or 5 in star realms? :sweat_smile:

You’ll be waiting for a while. My side of the losers bracket is two games ahead of the other side, and the winner of my game with KYakerDude will have to play one more before even getting to Jamma.

So, sit back and relax, Mr. “I swear I’m just learning this game … oh, hey, look at that, I won 5 tournaments in a row.” :laughing:


Yeah, apologies about that. Had a very full last week and a half with work and haven’t had time to check my phone aside from before or after work. Should be much quicker from here on out.


Lol @geigerm :laughing:

And my post was not meant to push anyone. Take your time. :grin:


no no, Holsten lost 5 StarRealms finals before winning for the first time :grin:

he took all those losses with humor, i can say.
but well, losing 5 finals in a row means having reached 5 finals in a row.
so not too bad.
and yes, i’m sure you knew that quite well and were just kidding :smirk:

and i can confirm that Holst did not read SW rules nor a single card text (before playing), chose Fallen Kingdom just because he always liked to play the Undead in Heroes of Might & Magic 3, did not play the tutorial and went to battle with the standard deck :joy:
so he must have been just a lucky guy.


halfvoid (26) over Zebracadabra (-16)

Tried to challenge Neep65 but the name wasn’t found.


It’s just Neep. Doesn’t allow numbers


Ah, forgot. Challenge sent to Neep.


Or maybe I am a genius? Thanks for not even considering this dad, you know me too well :joy: