Cthulhu Realms Tournament


Yeah good game thanks. I was lucky with some of the cards that came up, could easily have gone the other way.


Sorry for any confusion but antlers are locked and loaded now


Okay, I know I may be a bit premature, but…I’m ready for the next tournament. Hopefully, a round robin!


is the match Neep vs halfvoid still running?
i wonder because it started 9 days ago.


Neep beat me several days ago. Can’t remember the score as it’s gone from my history now.


Yeah thanks to @halfvoid for a hard fought game. Can’t remember the score either but it was pretty much yellow taking on purple as we both tried to build up some big hits


ok, i will report the winner on Challonge, with a 20-0 fantasy score.
score is not important at all in an elimination tourney anyway.

tourney is going on now with the match @Hardco vs @Neep65 (just Neep in CR)

game on (again)!


Hardco (49) over @Neep65 (-20)

I went green/purple, and got lucky with some early green matches, taking out Neep’s locations while still dealing damage. I set up a narrow deck with a lot of the purple “draw on abjure” cards, and Neep’s green couldn’t keep up.


yeah well played Hardco, swift and emphatic victory! Thanks for the game


Hardco (11) over @geigerm (-2)

My green deck was limping along, chipping away at Geigerm while not taking advantage of cards like the Wheatley Brothers (or whatever they were called). Geigerm’s deck (yellow/green)was slowly coming together, hitting me hard in the last couple turns, but he was a few points of damage short…

Close match!


Yup, very good game. I thought I might pull off the comeback but didn’t have enough in the end.

Hopefully I can get my revenge in our “King in Yellow” challenge game …


Hardco (44) over @jammatal (-6)

I can’t really remember what happened this match! But good game anyway!


no, not really.
i never came into that game.
you had good synergy right from the start.

no drama, no suspense. just a clear cut path (in fact a 6-lane city highway) to your victory.
no surprise that you can’t remember much. there simply was not much going on worth remembering.
absolutely my bad. could not put up a fight :pensive:


W00t, my first CR tournament win!

Intense final against hardco, I was a little scared as I was down to low 20 quite early in the game. But my combos worked like a charm. GG @Hardco


Nice work! I wasn’t scared for you… My deck failed to come together, and you getting the 2 abjure cards made for your deck to improve a lot faster than mine. In hindsight, I should have picked up the Kingsport Harbour first round, but I’ve found a lot of people undervalue it, and I hoped you would do the same.

Good game, and congrats on the win!


so the Bad Evil has risen from the dephts to claim its Title.

congrats to Holsten on winning the 1st StatelyPlay Cthulhu Realms Horrorship!
undefeated in 5 matches in a row this can be called a well deserved win.

so i present the Crown of Cthulhu Trophy to HolstenKing IV (so called because he is titleholder in the King In Yellow Challenge right now as well.)
every player missing the tourney is invited to join the order of challengers.


Great tourney! Finished in short order which means we should hold another immediately, I mean, really folks, I need to restore my rightful place in my tentacled throne.

In the meantime, all hail Holsten Knight, Hardco and JammaTal!!!


Isn’t there a Star Realms expansion we haven’t had a tournament with yet? Fleets and Fortresses?


It was released around the time Stately Play came into place and my health issues which had me gone under the radar for a long time.

I am glad to whip one SP Tourney up for SR with F&F enabled if we get enough interest. Ill post something tomorrow or tuesday…