Cthulhu Realms Tournament


Ok, 2nd challenge sent!


First challenge accepted, that is our king in yellow match.
I will accept the tourney game now, I can keep track which game belongs where. Some screenshots here and there help a lot. I learned from the king of screenshots Jamma :joy:


i can tell you!
in the moment the two Steam RtR games need all attention i can muster.
no replays and no game log = screenshots all over the places! phew…


Good game. I’m still learning and I think I got a little lucky with the cards that I drew.


Well played geigerm! Respect.


@Neep65 Thanks–good game!


hardco (43) over @KYakerDude (-4)

I got a turn 2 Catacomb (for 3 currency a turn) which went unanswered for too long. I scooped up the good green and yellow attack cards, and KYakerDude fell too far behind.

Good game, even if I still have to zoom to read every card, and then relate it to its Star Realms equivalent…


I knew I was behind, but I didn’t expect to lose just yet. That was an amazing final turn. The replay is a little fast and I don’t know the cards well enough to know exactly what happened other than dropping 20 points.

Good game.


I despise when games do not have an undo feature. Just mistouched vs. @JHTaube, ending turn prematurely. Not sure if it’s a game changer but don’t any of these developers realize that a lazy finger is entitled to a bit more love??? Gack, yuck and ugh. And poo too.


How many damage points was it? When i just loaded the replay it showed you taking off one point, moving me from 40 to 39. I can maintain the deduction, in our heads, so to speak.


Thanks, Joe, but that would open way too many cans of worms. I did it, I’ll live with it. For all I can remember, it might have only been one point anyway, I just didn’t get the chance to buy anything. It’s just a game… :smiley:


i’m angry at the devs that they install a step-by-step replay engine into their game but don’t give us the choice to use it in PvP matches.

and yes, a slider for faster/slower replays would have been nice too :rage:


It doesn’t work in challenges? I thought it only appeared when the entire match was over, does it not appear then for challenges?


not at all. why not? i don’t get it.
i’m really angry about that!
it’s in the game. a little yes/no button would have done it.
for so many games i would love an optional step-by-step turn replay.

and when a game comes along at last which can do it, then the devs limit that feature to games vs AI?? really? WTH!
and as “compensation” they install a super-duper-much-too-fast replay?!?

to be honest, if i had known that, i would not have bought the game.
it was exactly this feature which drew me into the game when checking it out.

i have contacted the support, asking for a general “slow down” button.
i will report on White Wizard’s answer.


It wouldn’t be the first time a developer has said, “great idea,” and then included it in a subsequent update. Let’s hope.


it should be easy! it’s in the game engine already.


Not to interrupt … but I’m not seeing the appeal of CR, either.

It seems like there’s about a dozen cards; the push for mega-bonuses is completely obvious (and even easier than in Star Realms, since there’s only three colors); and the “humor” wears off quickly.

I’ve completed the campaign, and have zero desire to ever tap the icon again.

To say something at least sort-of on-topic: I won’t be playing in any CR events here.


I managed a win (65:-3) over whovian in an extremly long and defense heavy game. I saw me behind for a long time, but could thin my deck, fetch a lot draw a card, and suddenly it was over after 2 heavy damage turns. The final points do not reflect the game at all. GG


Yeah, things were close, and then when I logged on for my last turn to see the devastation rained down on me…yikes!

Nice game.


Zebra 58, @JHTaube -18

I was heavy green and yellow and everything just meshed so well. The draw engine was unreal. On the final turn, I played all but two cards. Gg, Joe!