Cthulhu Realms Tournament


that game starts to grow on me.

i wonder how many players would be interested in a double elim tourney on Challonge?


I’d do it! I suck at it, but I still keep at it.


I would play, and I expect Zebracadabra will if available.

Before I forget, please know that I am registered as “robt” for Cthulhu Realms … they would not allow “robthomasson” - maybe they did not like my “ass” in the middle.


Definitely in!


I haven’t picked it up, but I’ll play if there’s a tournament.


I don’t get what the game is about… but jamma told me it is like Star Realm. So count me in :smile:


I’d totally be up for it, though I think I need to reinstall it.


can we have ONE more entry please?
8 participants would be nice.


ookay, so for some namedropping of players who liked to play SR.

so what about (alphabetical order):
@Blackfyre ?
@geigerm ?
@irishdomer08 ?
@JHTaube ?
@johnl ?
@Private_Prinny ?
@TheDukester ?

CR plays like SR with a bit more control: eg the topmost center deck card is always open. and a lot of cards give us a choice of different actions.


I’ll play. Signing up as JHTaube.


I’ll do the next one … I haven’t even bought the multiplayer yet.

But my first impressions are of liking it more than Star Realms.


I know one thing. I can win at a far better rate at Star Realms than in Cthulhu Realms.

I’m not sure if that means the game is better or worse, though. :slight_smile:


I have to buy it first…I didn’t do so already because the source (cthulu and stuff) doesnt interest me at all…well lets see…ETA of Tournament start so i can ponder a bit? ^^


Yeah, I’m with PP. I actually tried it for a bit and couldn’t get into it due to lack of interest in the source material.


I think CR is much better. Just my 2c. I like that the next card is visible. That changes a lot.


with some interest stirred now, i would say we can wait for 5 more days to give new players some time to check things out.

i will set up the double elim tourney on Challonge
on Friday, 6th of January. (edit: changed to Monday, 9)


I just installed this. I really don’t like the interface (cards are way too small), but hopefully the game is okay…


I don’t like the graphic, nor the theme. But the game might be even better than SR… or it just the same amount of luck involved, I can’t decide yet :sweat_smile:


Re small cards, you can zoom. Keep at it. Just hold down on card and you can scroll through whatever row you need to see.

Star Realms

ok, @Neep65 is checking out CR over the weekend and will decide then if he wants to join.

so i will start this cursed thing (haha) at start of new week.

i have created the tourney 1st StatelyPlay Cthulhu Realms Horrorship
at challonge.com and have added:
and me myself, the reigning King in Yellow (edit: dethroned)
i had misread Dukester’s post and had added him as entry by mistake. sorry for the confusion. i have updated the list of participants.

seeds not shuffled yet, so the bracket prediction (as seen in the moment) is not valid. i will shuffle the seeds just before hitting the “start tournament” button.

so now it’s time for
@Private_Prinny and @geigerm to make up their minds.
join or not to join, that is the question!
come on guys! be no whimps and step into the House of Horrors!
i can promise you it does not hurt (too much)…harrharr muaharr…