Cthulhu Realms Tournament


What’s everybody’s name on there?

I’m whovian because it wouldn’t allow the numbers


halfvoid on everything.


Holsten in CR and Holsten_Knight on challonge


when i entered “whovian223” the entry was accepted without any problem, as you can see following the link StatelyPlayCR/participants


On Challonge it’s whovian223, but I meant on Cthulhu Realms. That and Star Realms don’t allow numbers for some reason.


If there is space, please sign me up. KYakerDude on both Challonge and Cthulhu Realms.



I’m in if you need the numbers. Haven’t played it yet but if star realms is anything to go by it should be pretty decent. Will let you know my user name


welcome @KYakerDude and @Neep65!
i have added you both to the list of participants.

and i would recommend to sign up on challonge.com, @Neep65.


While I don’t want to be a wimp :laughing:, I’m gonna sit this one out. As much as I love a good tourney, the game just doesn’t interest me much.


what a pity :disappointed:

just what i had thought for a long long time.
but zebracadabra did not stop to push me into CR, and i must say i’m very thankful for all his efforts by now.

it’s essentially the same game mechanic as in Star Realms, but with some new twists:
top card of center deck lies open, only 3 factions, locations can protect other locations or the players, more emphasis on prerequisites for abilities and double functions (only one can be chosen).
UI is a bit streamlined, esp the log functions better.

i can’t say exactly why, but i like it more than SR itm.

at least it can scratch the SR itch, and has we have no SR events just now, you should think twice.


So, I thought twice, went back and tried the game again … and I’m in. Such a sucker for peer pressure …

I’m geigerm both in CR and challonge.




hello @Neep65,
i guess your CR user name will be Neep then? because numbers are not accepted on CR.
and on Challonge?

tournament will start tomorrow, Monday, January 9.

user names in Cthulhu Realms (user names on SP if different)

whovian (whovian223)
robt (robthomasson)
Holsten (HolstenKnight)
Neep (Neep65)


Yup it’s Neep on CR and Neep65 on challonge
Let’s go crazy!


Ok, this time I am the party pooper.
I tried very hard - thanks, but no thanks. Played the Tutorial and some couple of skirmish games but it did not click for me, at all. I do understand the basic ruleset puts it beside SR but that doesn’t alone make me want to play a game. Similar reaction to newer Ascension Decks without the main artist from the first decks. Doesn’t make sense but does prevent fun from settling in (the dreamscape mechanic does its fair share to alienate me as well)…

I do the appreciate the detail and Production values put in CR tough. The creepy tutorial Narrator was nice :slight_smile:


Holsten told me that at a certain point only the voice acting drew him further into the game.
he appreciates the female voice too.

by now he likes the game.
well, i guess the reigning King in Yellow must say so :sunglasses:

maybe you like to step into the line of KiY challengers for just one time?
to taste the spirit of CR competition “light”.

as always it’s quite another story to play vs human “intelligence”.
i remember some other games which did not click for me when playing tutorial, AI skirmish or campaign.
but when playing vs real opponents, motivation ignition went BOOM (Agricola, Neuroshima Hex, Samurai, Carcassonne, TtR, LoW, esp TS etc): “how the heck could he do that? i want to do that too!”


i just pushed “shuffle the seeds” and “start tournament” buttons for the
1st StatelyPay Cthulhu Realms Horrorship!

it does not matter who sends the challenge, as start player is randomized.
so game on and have fun/horror!


Woo! Sent my challenge to @KYakerDude


This is ironic. Holsten’s my opponent here, too!

Do we need two separate games (one for the King of the Hill and one for the tournament)? And if so, how will we tell them apart? :stuck_out_tongue:


of course two different games :smirk:

when i played a friendly and the YK challenge vs Holsten, i took screenshots of one of the games to stay in the picture.