"Crown of Cthulhu" Challenge

The crown is once again in my hands! Purple/green defeated Green/just enough yellow to never get drawn at the same time as the other yellow cards. Good quick game!

:crown: :hatching_chick::beer::beer::beer::bicyclist::baseball::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::baseball::baseball::bicyclist::hatching_chick:

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here comes my :bicyclist: challenge!

…and the biker is back.
very close and good game, no matter what score.

Jammbiker wears the :crown: :bicyclist::hatching_chick::beer::beer::beer::bicyclist::baseball::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::baseball::baseball::bicyclist:

ready for a challenge.
btw interesting line of 4x3 icons :ok_hand:

Zebra challenges Jammbiker. The crown will be mine. Mwahahaha!!!

I thought my deck would be nice and lean before your big cards took over the game, but a couple cycles of all (literally) the green cards clumping to the bottom of the deck left me without them every other cycle! Good game!

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no way, zebrabee!
the symmetry of the line must not be spoiled!
i will have to kick the rightmost biker off the line to add a new biker though.

oh! idea for a new twist! will make things a bit more complicated but it’s reasonable.
no one should be forced to kick an own icon. makes no sense.
we fight for adding our icon, not for kicking it.

new rule for making up the line of Crowntakers:
if the rightmost icon is an own icon, the icon left of it is kicked instead.

so i’m looking forward to add a biker and to kick a poor baseball :grimacing:

oh yeah! this can hurt so much.
we are always in grave danger to get into the clutches of those clumpings :head_bandage: :pray:

btw, grats to your new Ruler of the Twilight Globe title! :wink:

Jammbiker hangs on to the :crown: :bicyclist::bicyclist::hatching_chick::beer::beer::beer::bicyclist::baseball::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::baseball::bicyclist:

thanks for a thrilling game, @Zebracadabra!

open for challenges.

challenge by @jason1002 (jasonburnett) just came in.
here we go!

I’ll be back to challenge again soon, so someone step up!

Gg, Mike. That one big turn knocked me down to a point where even I could tempo better for the next few turns, you’d still probably be in a position to win.

I thought my deck was pretty durn good, just a bit on the risky side. I wonder what we might have done in a best of 5 or 7. I’m sure it would be close.

I’m back for more.

hello @geigerm!
challenge match vs @jason1002 is running and will still take some time.
see my post :point_up:
so i will reject your challenge for the moment.

i’m very sure about this.
and yes, your deck was frightening, full of power cards, xtra draws and synergies.
i think what has saved me was that you were just a bit behind me in evolving our decks into total slimness.
but you could have won too. just one really good draw…

@JammaTal Oops, I missed that part–I think I read the email associated with your original post before the edit about the challenge came in.

I’ll try to jump in next …

ah, so i learned the lesson to not post announcements as EDIT.

Jammbiker keeps hanging on to the
:crown: :bicyclist::bicyclist::bicyclist::hatching_chick::beer::beer::beer::bicyclist::baseball::hatching_chick::hatching_chick::bicyclist:

would be nice to make a little Tour de France out of this line :grin:

ready for a challenge.

VTG (very thrilling game), @jason1002!

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Well, hopefully THIS challenge of mine got to you in time …

confirmative! :grin:

and i got the WoPS (worst possible start) with 3 energy and two great 4-energy-cards on the board :confounded:

@jason1002, i just challenged you by mistake/mistouch.
so feel free to ignore or reject it.
but if you like to play a friendly game, we can do so too.

hello @KYakerDude, challenge match vs @geigerm is underway since yesterday.

so i will reject your challenge for now :wink:

Yeah … I’m still not sure I took the right card there, but we’ll see how the game plays out.

Great game, @JammaTal! I was able to recapture the crown with an 11-0 victory. Very close, very interesting game. Time to fill up this line with a few more baseballs, I hope …

:crown: :baseball::bicyclist::bicyclist::bicyclist::hatching_chick::beer::beer::beer::bicyclist::baseball::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

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