"Crown of Cthulhu" Challenge

to clean up the “King In Yellow” thread i have moved the CoC challenge to this new cozy home.

each player chooses his personal icon (like :bicyclist: eg) and puts it down next to the Crown when he is the “Wearer of the Crown of Cthulhu” :crown::bicyclist:
each time a WotCoC defends his Crown he will add one more icon :crown::bicyclist::bicyclist: and so on, up to a row of 10.
when the row of 10 is full, a new entry scrolls the row one slot to the right and deletes the rightmost icon.

no waitlist, first come, first served. just no instant rematch (at least 1 day break to give other players a chance to jump in)
when a challenge is announced to be over, the first who sees the announcement can jump in to play vs the Wearer otCoC
kind of roughneck fun :stuck_out_tongue:

this is what we are up to now:
Holsten had said:
“More beer, I am Holsten :crown::beer::beer::beer:
GG @KYakerDude

just now the (exceptional rematch) is going on. next contender will be @Hardco.

after that we will return to:
“when a challenge is announced to be over, the first who sees the announcement can jump in to play vs the Wearer otCoC. just no instant rematch.”

Holsten just told me that KYakerDude has won the CoC.

so @KYakerDude wears the :crown::surfer::beer::beer::beer: challenger: @Hardco :hatching_chick:

I’m not sure I get how the symbols work still, but challenge sent!

with each win the winner ads his icon to the line of icons, up to 10 icons.
then the rightmost icon will fall “off” the line.

example: if KYaker defends the crown vs you, it will look so:
KYaker wears the :crown::surfer::surfer::beer::beer::beer: challenger: :question:

if you win, it will look so:
Hardco wears the :crown::hatching_chick::surfer::beer::beer::beer: challenger: :question:

that’s all the winner has to post. any player who sees it, can jump in.
rematch possible after 1 day break.


Good game Hardco. You game may have been unwinnable, but it took me long enough to get there. I sent you a non-Crown of Cthulhu rematch.

I’m open for a new challenger.

Challenge sent. (definitely want a skull icon if I win)


Good game halfvoid. I managed to get a bunch of good cards this game.

Open for another challenger.

Jamma :bicyclist: :crossed_swords: :surfer: challenge sent

[edit: sorry for the confusion, but i changed my symbol again, to bring it in line with my symbol on Slack CR channel. call me crazy, but i rechanged it again.
the loco without steam just doesn’t look really good.]

Jamma :bicyclist: wears the :crown: :bicyclist::surfer::surfer::surfer::beer::beer::beer: challenger: :question:

good game KYaker. some early good cards for me too.

I want in–I’ll take :baseball:

Challenge sent.

Good game. That one location you got really helped you buy better cards. And I just couldn’t put together a good hand. Good luck.

yup. Catacombs are an amazing early pick.

Jamma :bicyclist: wears the :crown: :bicyclist::bicyclist::surfer::surfer::surfer::beer::beer::beer: challenger: :question:

Sure, I want the crown!

oh, that hurt! your deck was still so full of basic stuff that i had some hope left i might see one more turn. i had all my damage ready (one turn too late) and could have driven you insane then :persevere:

Hardo :hatching_chick: wears the :crown: :hatching_chick::bicyclist::bicyclist::surfer::surfer::surfer::beer::beer::beer:
challenger: :question:

I was pretty sad that my deck was still in shambles! I got lucky though and drew Shadow of Cthulhu, another green card, and my one discard card two cycles in a row!

oh yeah, i could feel my sanity drifing away when having to watch that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

but a pretty nice match inmidst all that madness :smirk:

time is up for a rematch :grimacing:

Jamma :bicyclist: :crossed_swords: :hatching_chick:

yeah! could grab the :crown: and run away with it :blush:

Jamma :bicyclist: wears the :crown: :bicyclist::hatching_chick::bicyclist::bicyclist::surfer::surfer::surfer::beer::beer::beer:

challenger: :question:

we have reached the 10 symbols limit. so from now on the rightmost icon will be scrolled out/deleted when a new icon will be added.
oh oh…i guess Ultimate KIY HolstenX will not be amused when his beer will be spilled and might come back upon us :anguished: