Brass - let's get in some hot mill action

Anyone fancy a friendly round or 2 of Brass? Promise I won’t pull a disappearing trick this time…

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I would like to. I am jason_burnet on there. I tried to join a 4 player with Jammatal but one of the players is not taking his first turn.

Yeah, I’d love to play.

I shouldn’t, because I’m already in a bunch of games…

But I should practice this game, since my friend is a big fan of it.

So sure, I’m in.

Brilliant. Game is New Mills, password is stately.

I’m in!

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so great to have you back, @SpiceTheCat!

no doubt about that we will have a 2nd Stately Play Brass Championship soon enough.
i would be ready to organize it in 1 or 2 weeks, but any SPer who feels like wanting to do it should just jump in.

the 1st SP Brass event was such an enjoyable tourney with a great show in the final.

and i guess our indisputable Brass Master SpiceTheCat really wants his old PT title back :upside_down_face:
i’m looking forward to this!

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yup, that player will time out in 5 hrs and the game will be gone :disappointed:

but…and this is a BIG BUT: the last 1.5 update seems to have destroyed push notifications for the Brass app!
i think when the player did not know that, he simply has been waiting for his turn notification all the time.

i have deleted/reinstalled the app for about 6 times now, and just now i can’t enable push notifications at all.
not only not functioning, but not there any longer!

that would be a big problem for a tourney too!
i’m in contact with the devs, and their latest statement was:
“Hi Michael,
Thank you for the report. We are working on it.”

I just went into Brass for the first time in a long while to join the new game, and kept getting told that I need to enable push notifications (I don’t want it on my phone, so I didn’t do it, but I have them enabled on my iPad).

So the game thinks that you can enable them, anyway.

It’s telling me to enable push notifications on the iPad even though they are enabled, so something’s a bit off.

had been the same for me before i deleted/reinstalled the app.
all was enabled, but the app did not recognize that and kept telling me “enable push notifications in the device settings”, so i guess push did not function anyway.
and now…gone. totally.
but i’m confident that the devs will fix it.

btw the appstore kept alerting me to update the Brass app to 1.5 again and again, although already done. that was weird too.

Just checked my iPad today. I had the banner on my lock screen, but no badge.

And going into the app, it asked me to enable notifications.

So definitely something weird.

question is: what is going wrong? that permanently upcoming window or the notification mechanism?

and why can’t i even try to enable notifications in settings?
Brass not even listed in settings/notifications any longer :worried:

good news!
just got an email from a Brass developer:
“I’ve updated the app and pushed it to the Apple. It should be visible in the store as update as soon as Apple approves it.”


I played in the PT Brass tourney and Brass continues to be the one game that hasn’t clicked with me; I sill do not understand how to play.

many say so.
it’s not so easy to get to grips with Brass. but it’s worth any effort.

i kind of “forced” my son to not give up when he said “what the hell is going on in that game?” after totally sucking in his first games.
it took some more games to make him murmur something like “well, not so bad after all.”
at last it clicked for him and now he is full of praise.

it’s a fine woven net of mutual dependencies, offering many ways to victory.
it’s about seeing and jumping on occasions, about making long term plans, about subtle blocking maneuvers and rough takeovers.
and it can evolve into an exciting nailbiter any time.

best way to dig deeper (besides playthrough videos and BGG threads) into Brass for me was playing many online games with friends and strangers, learning a lot from their moves.
i did not care about losing at all.

btw the update to 1.6 is out and fixed my push notifications :ok_hand:

Always up for more brass

Sounds like we might have enough for another game (@Mirefox, @JammaTal, @Baelnor, anyone else) :slight_smile: Confirm and I’ll start another one.

I’d love to take another brass lesson at spicethecats school of hard knocks, but sadly I cant commit to many more games at the moment.

you can count on me :grin:

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