Brass - let's get in some hot mill action

I could probably be dragged into a game of clicking random things until I discover an allowed move…

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Good good. :slight_smile: @Baelnor, if you’re in I’ll start a 4P game.

My game name is Mirefox.

Edit: I forgot that this game doesn’t work like that; password-protected lobbies, yes?

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Yeah I am in

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exactly. Spice will post the the name of the game and the password and we can simply join then.

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And off we go. Game name is Proof House, pw is stately. :slight_smile:

Spice, are you playing the other Martin Wallace game app (Steam Rails to Riches) as well?
after a slow start (no replays, some bugs) and some updates Steam RtR is absolutely excellent now. totally recommended.

SP tourney to come soon.

I’m always up for more Brass. I started a game called ‘More Iron’, with a ‘stately’ password whenever folks are ready.

I’ve literally just bought it. I’ve played it in cardboard twice, so really no idea how to play. :slight_smile: Ready for an SP tournament…

Joined! Although 3 days time limit might be tight :slight_smile:

Doh, you are right, 3 days is not very stately. I started a new one called Iron Fortnight for 14 days. I’m happy to play either or both, it will be a good test of the notification fixes and good tourney practice.

I watched the Shut Up And Sit Down overview of the cardboard version of Brass and came to an interesting conclusion: theoverview states that most of the goals involve “flipping” your industries, which gives the victory points in the back; the digital version called this activation and represents it with changing the industry to a gold icon. That’s my problem in a nutshell - the app streamlines and animates some moves and leaves me baffled. I think if I saw the same processes on the table, it would make more sense.

After realizing this basic conceptual disconnect, I thought I had a plan for our game. Then, failing to see the trees for the forest, I completely forgot a out the card requirements for building industries and shot myself in the foot on the second turn. Whoops!

If anyone wants to join, game is currently on sale 40% off

i had noticed a (small) bug in Brass which kept tech level cards growing the more you tap on them.
i sent an email report to the devs and some hours later i got an answer that the bug has been fixed and update has been submitted to apple.

these guys are awesome :clap: :+1:

Joined the game. Only played twice against the AI, so be easy on me.

Good game. Red won with many cotton mills , some rails . I had second place with 2 shipyards . I don’t know who red is because it’s hard to see the player names on my phone .

Red is me. Good game- after you built the shipyards, it was looking like an open game, and I just managed to build enough railways to keep a lead.

In the other game, it looks like my mill rush is going to fail and @JammaTal is going to win :slight_smile:

although @Mirefox is giving me a hard time by overbuilding my precious level 3 ironworks and my coalmine, which is absolutely ok :+1: and a strong move and a kind of honor, because leader bashing must be earned by good play and by taking the lead :laughing:
so let’s see if i can come through with it :thinking:

And we’re done, with 7 points separating the top 3 as I hold on to 2 place by 1 slender VP. Congrats @JammaTal, nice and interesting game all round :+1:

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thanks, SpiceTheCat! definitely a very interesting and good game.

but i must insist on 8/9 separating points :grimacing: :smile:
151-143-142-93 a real high scoring show for a 4P game.

the 1st SP Brass championship final was a well played game too (and esp dramatic) but the scores not quite on the same level.

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