1st Stately Play Brass Tournament

Sorry for the slow play, I had to take an on call week at zero notice. That combined with summers arrival has fried my brain. Critical thinking ability will resume again shortly

I had totally forgotten how much I suck at this game.

don’t give up! Holsten needed some games before he suddenly said “what a great game is this!”


Fame finished earlier:

geigerm 143
@HolstenKnight 137
@halfvoid / @whovian223 112/96 (I’m afraid I don’t remember which colors each of you played :confounded:)

Good game to all of you! I felt fortunate to pull off the win on the very last turn, building a level 4 cotton mill with my first action and flipping that mill (and my other level 4 mill) with my second.


Congratulation once again :sweat_smile:
That was a fun game! 4-player IS different, but fun :grin:

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Good game all!

@snotty128 - 172
@JammaTal - 143
@SleepingGiant - 107
@JHTaube - 102

Ive never played coal/iron so successfully, but my starting hand essentially dictated my direction. Im glad it worked so well.

Congrats, well played! I’m hooked on this game now, if anyone wants to play a non-tourney game, hit me up. Happy New Year!

I’ll play.

i can even recommend games with strangers.
a very special community.
i think out of 10 games 9 were finished.
only very few quitters.

and rest assured that the next Brass tourney will come.
a perfect tourney game.
no bugs, no problem to set up private games, and matches don’t last too long.

amazing that was! grats on an outstanding victory to Snotty!
and i think i can say: very well played game by all players.
Brass keeps surprising me. so many ways to victory.
an absolute top game. the app as well.

as player sequence is automatically randomized at start of the game,
i can set up the final table now:
StatelyPlay Final
password “goodluck”.

some serious metalworking to do. here we go!
this will be tough as hell and fun like in heaven :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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oh oh!
i’m a bit puzzled just now.
the player sequence in the final game is exactly the same as the order of entrance has been :flushed:

i have created the game, and am going first now.
Snotty had joined next, and is second player now.
Holsten joined as second and goes as third.

so is player order randomized at start of game or not?
i was totally convinced of this. i would not have created the game otherwise.
what is your experience?
i will wait for answers before taking a turn.

I created the last one and Im pretty sure I didnt go first. Just a coincidence perhaps

No clue, but I’m going to pretend to be offended by the idea that the order wasn’t random and demand we redo it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i have played so many games and even created many open games with strangers.
i’m totally sure about the randomization because i once had a streak of bad luck, always starting in slot #4 :smirk:

i will take my turn now.

@SleepingGiant @johnl did you get enough players for a friendly game?

No, want to play?

Yep, count me in. I could do with some practice in the 3 player version, or Im happy to wait for a 4th

Are you still in @SleepingGiant? @JaneHatke also wanted to play. I setup a 4 player game called Stately Play1 and password: discourse (all lowercase).

I’d also be up for an additional 3 player game, would also like practice with 3 players.

Setup a 3 player game as well. Stately Play2. pw: discourse

Joined, game on!