Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]


@Hardco and I are off to our first game… fingers crossed he’s not as skilled at this as he is at Twilight Struggle…


And… I lost the well fought first game of three, 78-70. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out most of the match, honestly - we were pretty even on VPs throughout, and I might even have had a slight lead at game’s end. Not enough to beat out the cards that @Hardco had… onto match 2/3.


Totally obliterated in the first round by @robthomasson

He managed to get the night guy for free in the second or third play and never looked back.

95-45 I think.


Yup, the game was mine to lose after getting Legion of Aklys so early. Good thing we are playing best of three!

My opponent did the same thing to me in another game so I experienced it from both sides at the same time. Such things can happen with any Ascension deck - but overall, I like this War Of Shadows lark.

Edit: Well, slap me sideways and call me Susan … after writing the above I went to play my second turn in a game for the AscensionGame forum WoS tourney. We are tied 1-1 … and he went and picked up Legion Of Aklys just like that, in front of my very eyes. Guess I am odds on to be out of that tourney then …


Huh–I did the same thing with the light guy in my second game with @Blackfyre. A free dude early in the game who gets you free dudes whenever he comes up is, um, helpful.

Totally nerve-racking trying to set it up, though. With only one dark card on the board, if you pull it and replace it with another dark card, you feel like you just handed the light guy to your opponent. Which, I imagine, is just how he felt right back at me.


We’ve got one semifinal set, with @TheDukester facing @rinelk.

On the other side of the bracket, as noted yesterday, @robthomasson and @Baelnor are tied 1-1. And, according to the Challonge page, @hardco holds a 1-0 lead over @js619.

Keep the updates coming on that site, at least, but feel free to check in regularly here as well, as several of you have done. Looks like the tourney’s moving along nicely!


Baelnor and I have finished just the one game … second one making progress …

The tie I referred to was in cough another tourney.


You’re cheating on us with other tourneys?!?

Anyway …

My mistake. Reading is fundamental.


It just sort of happened. I was with a friend and he said it would be fun, wouldn’t cause any harm. It doesn’t mean anything to me, honest. You know there will never be another. It just doesn’t mean the same to me as Pocket Tactics. I mean Stately Play.


I got a second win over Baelnor helped again by the Legion of Aklys. Not so early this time … but acquired in the same turn as Ta’hyr the Sun … so lucky me.

Baelnor nearly overcame this fortune of mine by playing well … finishing on a stonking last turn that was just not quite enough. Great game.

Repeated commiserations to Baelnor for the first game … an early Legion of Aklys is hard to refute. So far it is the swingiest effect that I have seen in WoS.


Sorry @Hardco and I are holding things up - 8 VPs left in game 2 of hopefully 3… we’re tied 26-26 in VPs, but I still haven’t been able to keep track of card points in this expansion.


I’m pretty sure we’ll be going to 3!


And we’re onto the tiebreaker… I won game 2, 93-80. This might be the first game of anything I’ve won against @Hardco lol!


It was a lot of fun as usual.

For the record, I am almost certain I have never beaten @robthomasson at any game (maybe Agricola?)

Well played mate and good luck going the whole way


Narrowly eked out game 3, 92-89. Great game, @Hardco. Invite sent to @robthomasson


I thought I was in good shape this game! I had eliminated all of my starting cards, and I never left you with day or night being active, yet somehow you were generating a ridiculous amount of both resources each round… Good game!


I’ve noticed that there aren’t a lot of construct killers in this deck… The Mechana constructs are pretty useless unless you can keep it day, but the lifebound ones that give you one and one each turn can be game changing. Apparently. Great game!


Fell to @robthomasson, 75-52. I had both the 7 guy that takes any card and the 12 hero that gives you ten VP; unfortunately, they both only showed up once in my hand. Rob grabbed the 7 monster and ran with the night cards; saw this one slipping away as it neared the last few rounds. Onwards to game 2!


The margin surprised me, but I did think I had it when the 12-pointer (Vyrak, The First) had not shown up again. You can end up with a lot of cards in your deck with WoS making appearances of any one card less frequent.

btw “Somebody” (you or geigerm) needs to mark you as the winner against hardco in Challonge so that we can enter scores in our match.


You beat me to it. Marking the winner is the one thing that Challonge does not make clear.