Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]


My loathing for Dreamscape is near-infinite. It’s all hat and no cattle.

WoS, though, is one of my favorites.


I think the combo of DoC and WoS is probably going to be my go-to sets for a while.


I do like that combo (DoC/WoS)–only played a couple of games with it, but I think those sets play really well together. Maybe that’s the next tournament …


Group B’s almost done, with just 3 games remaining:


@Hardco (5-1) and @robthomasson (4-2) will definitely move on; we’ll have to see what happens with the other two spots.


Haven’t played those two together - might have to give it a shot.


Lost my game to johnl, so definitely won’t be me moving on. :smiley:


I’d do that tournament in a heartbeat.


I had already posted my result against @jtaube above


So you did–sorry for the omission. I was looking at the Challonge page, which didn’t have that game entered, and didn’t think to check the thread.

So, we’re down to just one game to go, and @Blackfyre and @johnl have the inside track on the last two spots. @Private_Prinny doesn’t just have to win his last game; he has to score more than 154 points (to beat @johnl) or outscore @Blackfyre by at least 106 points …


I’m always up for another one after this finishes!


96 to 80 over @Private_Prinny
Good game!


That game concludes pool play–congrats to the 8 players advancing:

Group A: @TheDukester, @rinelk, @Baelnor, @js619
Group B: @Hardco, @robthomasson, @Blackfyre, @johnl

And a question for our final 8: do you want the elimination rounds to be best-of-3 games, or 1 game and done? I’d like to hear from most (hopefully all) of you on this point. I’ll wait to end the group stage on Challonge–and generate the bracket for the elimination rounds–until I’ve got a clear sense of your preference.


I prefer best of 3.


Best of 3.


No preference.


I’d prefer best of 3. Makes it longer but eliminates some of the luck factor.


Best of three = more ascension!!!


That is the ticket … any one game can be gifted to a player so best of three better and all present can handle the games in good time I think …


That seems like a pretty clear consensus to me–we’ll make each round best of 3.

Remember you can store scores one set at a time in Challonge if you record the score but do not select a winner before submitting it. The “Add a Set” option allows you to enter multiple sets.

The bracket for the elimination stage is now live! Feel free to post results here as well as on Challonge. Good luck to all of you!


Chiming in late but best of 3 is good.