Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]


With the next Ascension expansion, War of Shadows, dropping tomorrow, I figured it’s not too early to take sign-ups for a tournament using that expansion.

We’ll take a week or two to fill the tourney and give everyone a chance to learn the expansion before diving in, and we’ll figure out later if we want to play War of Shadows as a standalone set or mix it with something else.

I’m thinking one round of pool play followed by the top 8 players moving on to a single-elimination bracket where each round is best of 3. I’ll manage the tourney through Challonge, so please list your Playdek and Challonge usernames when you sign up.

Playdek: mgeiger9
Challonge: geigerm

EDIT: The tournament is now live on Challonge. Details are in post #23: Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]

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Playdek set to unleash the War of Shadows on Ascension later today

Well, I was thinking of passing on this one…

Ok, I’m in. :smile:

Whovian223 on both Challonge & Playdek


Since I don’t have enough Ascension games going… :slight_smile:

Count me in -
Playdek: JS619
Challonge: JS619


Yes, please. “rinelk” everywhere.


I’m interested.

KYakerDude on both.


Always up for it …

Playdek: JHTaube
Challonge: JHTaube


I’m in, hopefully it is better than the last expansion…
Hardco everywhere.


Baelnor on both


I’m in. john1325 on both.


Playdek & Challonge: robthomasson

Adding in a neutral deck (no Day or Night cards) with War of the Shadows wil mean that it will be Day or Night less often. I would prefer to play with just WoS to get the “full new deck learning experience”.


Altough I don’t believe there will ever be a expansion as great as “Dawn of Champions” (the one with the Hero per Faction) or the really old ones (in regards to the cart artwork)…


Private Prinny


I’m in, halfvoid on all the things.


That’s what I call enthusiasm :joy:

I’m in of course.
Blackfire1929 on Playdek
Blackfyre on Challonge


Hey, remember when I started a thread to get signups for this tournament? :neutral_face:

(I did say I’d give everyone a week or two to get used to the expansion, but the truth is I just forgot to check back in.)

We’re at 13 signups right now. If we can get to 14 or more, I’ll close signups and set up the tourney. I’ll leave this open until Friday. If we’re still stuck at 13, I’ll just organize and let everyone else play.


Bumping this one more time, with the thread title changed to make it clear we’re looking for 1 player (2-3 signups would be ok, too, as I can work with anything between 14-16 players).


I have a friend I play a bunch with - he’d be up for it if we needed one more. Storzo on Playdek, not sure if he’s on Challonge. I’ll ask if he’s interested, unless we want to keep it to SPers?


I’m personally fine with anyone playing, SPer or not … but it would be very easy for him to set up an account here. :grin:

The tourney’s been open for signups on this site for over a week, so anyone here who’s interested should have had an opportunity to see it …


Reached out to him; his wife just had surgery so it might be a bit before he gets online, but he says he’s interested.


I’ll play.

I honestly did mean to sign up days ago.


OK, signups are now closed. I’ll post details in a separate post and update the first post once everything’s organized. @js619, could you reach out to Storzo, let him know we’re about to start, and confirm he’s still interested? And, if he’s got a Challonge username, please get that info. If he’s in, we’ll have three pools of 5; otherwise, we’ll have two pools of 7.

@TheDukester, what’s your Challonge username? I know you’re “ItsTheDukester” on Playdek.

Everyone else: finish up any friendly games you have going and don’t start new ones, to avoid confusion. @Blackfyre, that’s the reason I’m going to turn down the rematch invite you sent me earlier.