Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]


Blackfyre over @johnl 92 to 76
Good game


Btw @JHTaube is the last invite a friendly match or did you choose the wrong deck by accident?


Ah. Wrong deck.


Blackfire over @halfvoid 78-73.


94-77 over @geigerm. Great game! Luckily defeated the 7 trophy monster that gives 2 VP when you acquire/defeat a night card, think that made the difference. Leaves me 50/50 for the first round and hopefully moves me into the next (looking at you and your four wins so far, @Hardco).


We’re down to just 1 game in Group A, where @TheDukester and his 4-2 record is guaranteed to move on, the loser of my game with @KYakerDude is definitely out, and the other five players will finish 3-3 and leave themselves at the mercy of the tiebreakers. Thankfully, the last player to finish will not automatically move on to the next round …

There are 9 games to go in Group B. While nothing’s set in stone at this point, @Hardco and @robthomasson (4 wins apiece) look like pretty good bets to move on. Hope I didn’t just jinx the two of you.


How close is group A? Wonder how tie break works…


Tiebreakers are, in order:

  1. Head-to-head record
  2. Total points scored
  3. Points differential

The Challonge page shows the current ranks of the four tied players in Group A based on those tiebreakers–@whovian223, @rinelk, @Baelnor, and @js619, in that order. Not sure what effect the final game will have. Top 4 players in each pool make the next round.

EDIT: And I do think it’s ultimately going to come down to points scored.

If I win, every tied player has 2 head-to-head wins within the group of tied players–I beat @whovian223 and @rinelk and lost to @Baelnor and @js619.

If @KYakerDude wins, @rinelk has 3 head-to-head wins, and @Baelnor, @whovian223, @js619 have 2.


Uh…sorry for the lack of progress in group B…mea culpa :sweat:


A five-way tie is just nutty. But in a good way.


Also, just to be a pain … @rinelk should have three “set wins,” not just two. Since we are only playing one-game matches, our “sets” should always match our wins. I suspect one of the check-the-winner boxes didn’t get checked.

I bring it up only because I’d hate to see Challonge use that as a sorting criteria that messes everything up.

Also, also: “Challonge” is a pretty dumb name.


I have a win not showing up in the standings as well, not sure why. And I totally agree about Challonge being a ridiculous name.


I suspect “set wins” are based on who scored more in a given set, whereas match wins are based only on the check-the-winner boxes. @rinelk and @hardco both won tie games based on the Ascension tiebreak rule. The Challonge designers clearly didn’t anticipate that oddity, and that’s why the set wins don’t match.

Set wins aren’t taken into account in our standings, so they don’t really matter, but the discrepancy is a bit annoying.

@js619 The standings I see have you at 3-3. Have you reloaded the site since your last win? I went through and checked a couple of missing winner checkboxes, so that might be why your win was missing …


Could be - I usually check it on my iPad, so that could be the culprit.


Mind. Blown.

That must be it.


@KYakerDude beat me 87-51–good game!

That game finishes Pool A, with @TheDukester, @rinelk, @Baelnor, and @js619 moving on. Their opponents from Pool B are still to be determined.

In the meantime, if any eliminated (or active) players want to play friendly games, invite away …


Blackfyre over @JHTaube 107:87
Good game


I believe I can finish most of my matches today. Most of them are in the single-digit Honor pool already.
Apolpgies again for my (way too) relaxed speed.


2 wins, 2 losses, 2 games running.

GG to all, I am still fumbling about with this set so I definetly didn’t win those 2 with skill…but luck.

With each expansion I loose the grip on the meta more and more. Theorycrafting in the first sets was way easier for me…aside from Dawns of Champions (the one with the 4 Faction Heroes/Champions) which I absolutely love to play in a 3way Battle Royale I have seriously lacking skills to predict the flow of the game. But even so, playing DoC is so much fun especially dicking all over the other two guys and their plans for their faction (and getting more often than not crushed in the process)


I think DoC is my favorite so far… I like the cards in Dreamscape too, but don’t love the dreamscape mechanism itself. This expansion just doesn’t seem to come together for me - other than the day/night mechanic, I don’t see any cards making good combos.