Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]


Ah. Sending another one.


KyakerDude: That’s your Player ID, too?

“Kayak,” without the A, at the beginning?


Ugh… lost way worse than I anticipated to @rinelk, 98-79. I’m blaming the damn leprechaun :slight_smile:


Rightly. A first-round leprechaun is worth a crapload of VP.


And a second loss of the evening to @TheDukester. Another close one in VPs and I lost by one point, 65-64…


Well, games wrapped up and I must say, a 3-3 record is significantly better than my 0-5 record last tournament :slight_smile:

Manipulation of the day/night cycle is risk/reward, but if you et it right it is insane how much value you can generate


Yes. I have the invite. I have a few too many games going at once so I’m not ready to start just yet.


And @KYakerDude falls to the curse! I swear, I get the cheesiest wins. In this tournament, I have a win by tie score and, now, a win by one point, while in the Summoner Wars tournament I’ve out-rolled my opponents by a truly startling margin. I feel like I need to pre-emptively apologize to everyone I play from now on.



Oh, the irony.


Good game. I thought I had it in the bag, then your last turn racked up a bunch of points. I had a good final turn, but what do I see? One point!

Cheesy games:
I’m playing another non-tourny game with three players. I managed to get two Leprechauns and have whittled my deck down to almost 5 cards. Soon every turn will be playing two Leprechauns and collecting gold… We’ll see if this is a winning strategy or not.


The leprechauns are kind of cool, but it would be nice to be able to decide whether or not to play with them.




Improved my record to 2-2 with a 90-80 win over @KYakerDude. I led VPs most of the game so was surprised by the ten point spread…


So I guess the tiebreak goes to whoever played last?

Hardco over @Blackfyre 91-91!

After your last turn I was sure I had lost…

Another close one vs @robthomasson , 78-77.

Good games all!


Narrowly defeated @js619 on the last turn by playing the big 10-star guy.


And yes, ties go to the last player


Less than twenty VP diff at the end of my game with @JHTaube.

halfvoid (77) over JHTaube (60)


One of the stranger rules in all of gaming.


Maybe something to do with a slight 1st player inbalance?

I don’t know.


That’s weird, but I got to accept it, I guess. It’s my first game to tie not only in the end result, but also in the VP earned through cards and monsters.
Gg anyway @hardco


It’s definitely an offset for the first-player advantage.

And not much of one, honestly. Not many Acsension games end in ties, especially with recent sets sending scores into the stratosphere.