Ascension: War of Shadows Tournament [Complete]


Shot him a text just now, I’ll update in a little bit one way or another.


Move it without him, he’s got other stuff going on


OK, the tourney is live on Challonge at this link:

Everyone who gave me a Challonge ID should have received an invite to the tourney; please let me know if you didn’t.


  • Set game timers to 28 days and only use the War of Shadows set.
  • The first round is pool play–play every other player in your group once. It doesn’t matter who sends the invite, as starting players are randomized.
  • Play at your own pace–turn down invites to keep your game load manageable if you don’t want 6 simultaneous games. However, do try to take at least 1 turn per day in each game.
  • The top 4 players from each group of 7 will advance to the second round. Ties will be broken by (1) head-to-head record, (2) total points, and then (3) point differential.
  • The second round is a single-elimination bracket, which will determine our champion.

Good luck, and have fun!


Sent all invites for my games, if you have too many and want to wait on any then just don’t kick them into gear :slight_smile:


@halfvoid Just to confirm that we will finish our current game … and then start a new one for this tourney …


Yeah, I think it’ll be easier to track if we play another one after this.


Regular ol’ TheDukester at Challonge.


I added your Challonge ID in the tourney settings, so you should get an invite to join it now.


In Challonge it says that my “next” opponent is PrivatePrinny. So, is the tournament mode set in Challonge different than “play everyone in your group once”? I’m not familiar with Challonge.


No, you can ignore that. Challonge defaults to a scheduled format. Like, first I’ll play this guy, then I’ll play this other guy. It doesn’t automatically know we are playing whomever is in front of us.

There’s a tab that says “matches.” Hit that, and you’ll be able to record your scores in any order.


Are we one and done in this round? Or best of 3?


The pool play round should be just one game against each of your opponents–I think 6 games total is enough for the opening round.

As for the playoff round … I’ve traditionally done just one and done, but if others want to do best of 3, I’d certainly consider it.




Record actual scores at Challonge? … or just note who won and lost?


Please record actual scores, as points and/or point differential could be used as tiebreakers if three players have the same record. Ties between two players will be resolved by head-to-head record.


Eked out a win over @Baelnor, 71-63. Wish I could say how, but I still don’t fully get this deck. Thought he had me with his Mechana constructs, but I think my victory points carried me?


Oh, man–my apologies, @whovian223. Losing a tie game just sucks. I was about to sarcastically post about the crushing defeat I inflicted on you, but, psychologically, nothing will make you wish you could revisit every single decision more.


It happens. Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

Wife & I play a lot of Ascension, and once we had 2 ties in a row.

I’ll get you next time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good game!


Tried sending a invite to Blackfyre, but it says you’ve never played ascension online when I send it.


It’s blackfire1929 on Playdek

Sorry for the confusion. Send me another invite or wait a bit, I’ll send you one when I get home.