Ascension: DoC/WoS Tournament [Tourney complete]


Gotta mark the winners, guys. Another fun Challonge thing.

It won’t do it just from the scores, likely because some types of events would have a lower-score-wins format.


It helps to NOT automatically pick the winner. Because in games with “best of three” in mind it does’t finish the set until you pick the overall winner. So I believe its working as intended…not as expected…
But yeah documentation on challonge could be better…


Agreed–it’s a good thing that Challonge forces you to manually select the winner. We just all need to remember to make that selection when inputting scores.


Wait - it’s something anyone can do? I have to apologize for not doing it then, I always thought it had to be the tournament organizer…


@Blackfyre I accidentally tapped the done button on the end of game screen before looking at it. What was the final score of our game?


@halfvoid you just wanna make me say it, right?
It was 107 to 62 in your favor monsieur.


And in another match I won a game against my friend @JHTaube155 to 55.


Yes, you can select the winner of your own game when you enter the score. No worries about not doing it before now.


It really should be more noticeable.

Like … “SELECT A WINNER, FOOL!” in red text or something.

It’s a bit of a UI fail.


No no, just totally clicked past it, not thinking. Genuinely didn’t know who’d won. Thanks for posting it!


@Blackfyre, You just HAD to post that score!! :blush:
nice finish - it was a good bit closer until the last turn


Me against @JHTaube 155 to 55


I really like the combo of these two sets.

Wrapped up my games and I averaged 100 points per game. That seems ridiculously hogh


Round robin games are complete and we’re on to the single-elimination rounds. Remember that matches in this round are best-of-3 games. You can record per-game scores without picking a winner until 2 or 3 games are complete–let me know if you have any trouble doing so.

Our final 9 participants are:


Good luck!


Game with @KYakerDude created!

Good luck. :slight_smile:


@Hardco and I knocked out the first game which was fast and frantic. A massive military war that hardco won with a magnificent final turn


And we’re done… I got Ta’hyr the Sun off a rally on the 3 turn or so, and rode that to a huge advantage.

Hardco over @Baelnor


That second game was painful… I put my eggs in the “surely after these monsters go there will be no more…” and… so many monsters!

Well played @Hardco!

The pace has been set :slight_smile:


Did someone hijack my account? Because I haven’t played anyone since Baelnor…


No, that was user error.

Games were against @halfvoid … I’ll edit or delete the post.