Ascension: DoC/WoS Tournament [Tourney complete]


Brave games by @KYakerDude but I managed to take both of them. Much closer than they appeared, though.

Good games!


You pretty well creamed me. Good luck.


Hardco over @whovian223 2-0 (79-53, 85-79)

First game I went heavy lifebound after picking up one of the +3 honor unite guys first round. I got lucky and kept pairing them up through the game.

Game two could have gone either way, with my heavy mechana deck against whovian223’s void deck. At one point I generated 12 ascension bucks and couldn’t buy anything in the center row…

Good games whovian223!


Yeah, I just couldn’t get anything going that first one. Thought I might have a chance in the 2nd with a couple of lucky rallies, but not enough.

Good games!


Quick update:

The bottom part of the bracket is done, with @hardco advancing to the championship.

The top part of the bracket is waiting on @Blackfyre and me. We just finished our first game, a 91-66 slog of a victory for me in which neither one of us could do much of anything with the center row for the first 5 rounds or so. Hopefully we’ll get game 2 (and game 3?) done a little quicker and keep this thing moving: @robthomasson and @TheDukester are waiting. Apologies for the slow pace.


@geigerm when is a good time for you to game during the week?


@Blackfyre Unfortunately, there isn’t a consistently good one–that’s part of the problem. I’m tied up until at least 10 EST every day …

This is a casual tourney so we don’t need to rush it. I was just noting that our matches are the last to finish in the early rounds.


@geigerm has beaten me 2-1 and moved on to the semi-finals.

I won the first game and felt comfortable throughout. The second game was much tighter and quite an epic struggle for me … in vain as Mike G ended up winning with 113 to my 107. The last and deciding game was decidedly uncomfortable for me … Mike snagged an early Moonveil Clique plus necessary support and once it appeared it never went away. The extra purchasing power led to a situation where every playback of a @geigerm turn started with me realising that he had gained 10+ power during that turn, and then having to watch him do it. He won extremely comfortably.

Well played Mike … now you have to win the whole thing for my benefit.


Thanks Rob! I knew I was in trouble very early in the first game–as you said, it was a comfortable win for you. I think the second game came down to what I had in my deck, as I drew the Mechana champion and went with a construct-heavy build. The cards were very kind in that third game–Moonveil Clique can be a real killer when grabbed early, and Lifebound cards kept showing up in the center row, which helped me support that card.

I’ll do my best to follow through on your request …


Championship, bronze match are now both ready to play.

The Great Pez Dispenser smiled upon me against @geigerm. And killing Duros with night in play is such a big swing that it’s almost unfair. Well-played, @geigerm.

Time to settle this thing!


Congrats on the wins, @TheDukester. The first game wasn’t close, and I could feel the second game slip away about halfway through.

@TheDukester and @Hardco will battle for the title, while @whovian223 and I play for third place. Good luck!


Same to you!


Curious, as mentioned elsewhere I see a pattern emerge here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good Luck to all of you!


What can I say? I’m consistent. :grin:


@TheDukester and I are going into game 3, with 1 game each going to whoever got off an early Rally…


a clash of Titans of Ascension.
CoToA :smirk:


hardco over @TheDukester 2-1 (71-58, 52-94, 119-72)

The final game went a lot of turns due to a lack of monsters. Both of us had a ton of constructs, but my “if day” constructs were doing a lot of the heavy lifting for me with the Searing Askaras helping out with keeping things day. I thought the game was a lot closer than the final score showed.

Good games TheDukester, and thanks for organizing @geigerm!


Yeah, that one just started to spiral on me. It didn’t help that I left way too many points on the board – twice – with Shepherd of the Lost. User error, for sure.

Still, that would have only changed the final score. You played better throughout; the victory is deserved. No more trophy jpegs for me.

Congratulations, @Hardco; thanks to @geigerm for organizing.


Congrats to @Hardco on the win and @TheDukester for a great run to second place.

As usual, the third place match will finish after the championship. I’m up 1-0 over @whovian223 after just finishing game 1.


Game 1 was kind of even until you just clobbered me with two horrifying-to-watch turns back to back to end the game.