Ascension: DoC/WoS Tournament [Tourney complete]


I haven’t forgotten about this tourney–we’ll start by tomorrow (hopefully today).


@Mirefox What are your Challonge & Playdek usernames? “Mirefox” didn’t work …


Invite accepted. We doing one and done or best of three for each match?


Round robin stage is one game against everyone else in your pool, but don’t start just yet–I’ll probably randomize the pools before the tourney begins. Right now it’s just based on the order people joined the tournament.

Once we get to the elimination rounds, each set will be best-of-three.


Apologies. I did not see that we were using Challonge. I did not have an account, but do now. Mirefox


OK, the tournament is now live on Challonge:

Everyone who gave me a Challonge ID should have received an invite to the tourney; please let me know if you didn’t.


  • Set game timers to 28 days and use the Dawn of Champions & War of Shadows sets.
  • The first round is pool play–play every other player in your group once. It doesn’t matter who sends the invite, as starting players are randomized.
  • Play at your own pace–turn down invites to keep your game load manageable if you don’t want 4 simultaneous games. However, do try to take at least 1 turn per day in each game.
  • The top 3 players from each group of 5 will advance to the second round. Ties will be broken by (1) head-to-head record, (2) total points, and then (3) point differential.
  • The second round is a single-elimination bracket, which will determine our champion. Each elimination round should be best-of-three games.
  • The elimination rounds feature one “play-in” match to get from 9 players down to 8 (I couldn’t set up an 8-player bracket with three pools).

Good luck, and have fun!


Invites sent


All of my invites sent as well.


All my invites are out.


All my invites are out too.


Well, @TheDukester just destroyed me in our game. Well played! I feel like I got into a rut early where I had no good plays but to keep buying Mystics and Heavy Infantry, so I never got any quality combos up and running.

That brings me to a few questions: First, is it bad strategy to focus on one or two factions? I feel like I sometimes play too closely to the factions unless I see a card that is too good to pass up or I have a specific deficiency like card draw.

Second, is it just me or do these games always end a turn or two too early?


Blackfyre over @rinelk

He was way ahead on VPs in the end, but I had a lucky last turn with rally cards, so we ended up 83 over 72.



May someone tell me how to report scores in Challonge?! When I hit the report score button I only see @halfvoid as opponent.



Tap on “Matches” in the line that has “Group C … Standings… Matches”. Look for the match you want and tap on the “pen and paper” symbol. Select the winner and enter the scores.

If you then tap on Standings (and hit Refresh) you will see the updated state of play.

The Report Score thing is Challonge trying to be “helpful” and tell you who to play first. It always confuses.


One thing I do like about War of Shadows is that it has cards that make having Heavy Infantry and Mystics actually useful.

But to answer your first question (I can’t really answer your second), I don’t think it’s bad strategy to concentrate on two factions. One may be bad strategy, but not two. And you should leave yourself open to cards that allow you to do useful things even if they’re not the faction you’re concentrating on.


Thanks @robthomasson ! It worked. :smiley:


Challonge tries so hard … but, yeah, sometimes it’s not very intuitive.


I must have missed Dawn of Champions the first time around, but Rally seems like a terrible ability (and with it the champions). There’s no joy in playing around an ability that has a less that 25% chance of doing anything.


You’d think that, yet lotto remains popular.


I’m 0-3 so far. Go, Mirefox :grimacing: