2nd SP Brass Championship


Did you see how crazy those scores were though?!?


Good game all! I did a perfectly good cotton rush in the canal phase and then you all started building mills, so I had to switch plans. I built nothing but coal mines and and railways in the rail phase, which at least was simple :slight_smile:


Just finished the Liverpool table:

@duckworp 185
@geigerm 168
@Falkenstein 68

Good game, all.


Thanks for the game. Shame the app on Android meant it wasn’t a full game for Falk


Thanks for the match! The two winners were definitely in another league from me, even with no app issues I would not have been able to beat @duckworp or @geigerm , congratulations! :sunglasses:

As for the app itself, I not infrequently had to force close and restart the iOS iPad app, due to freezes and inability to “confirm” actions, to include inability to take out a loan. At the end of the match I stopped watching the animations of the previous player turns, and I wonder if that reduced the issues? I dunno, it was frustrating, but due to the lack of chatter from others here (other than @SleepingGiant & @KYakerDude ) I gather that I was in the minority with those issues. As it stands now, I could not recommend the iOS iPad app, if folks are not having issues then definitely stay away from playing on the iPad.


the devs confirmed problems on Android.
“For Android we need to follow new Google rules regarding 64bit support. In order to do that we need to migrate all our animations in the game to a new engine that can support 64bit. That is a lot of work and we are in the middle of it. We are quite stressed at the moment trying to fix it and are fully focused on solving these issues. I’m sorry to impact on your tournament.”

but for iOS it should have been fixed with version 1.9
“The fact that you can’t submit your turn is result of recent issues with our server. We have a new provider but to use it we need to update the app. On iOS it is already done.”

@Falkenstein, since the last update and transfer to new server i had no problems on my ipad Air2 and was/am playing in three games, with replay animations activated.
are you playing on an old 1 GB RAM ipad (causing problems in many games with updated engines)?
have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?


here we go into the semifinals:

table A

table B

top listed players should create the games with passwords “semiA” and “semiB” and 30 days timer (just for safety. plz try to keep it to 14 days.)
good luck to all!


Table B game created. Called ‘LEEDS’. Password semiB


Table A created, “Lancaster”, pw semiA. Good luck all!


I’m playing on a 2017 iPad Pro 2nd Generation with 4 GB RAM. (My previous iPad had 1 GB RAM, so when it fell out of iOS support I replaced it with the iPad with the most memory I could get, 4 GB, since I’ve historically kept Apple hardware until it falls out of iOS support.)

I did not try deleting and reinstalling, especially since I saw @SleepingGiant and @KYakerDude were encountering the same issues, but I don’t know what hardware they are running.


It is actually SemiB


It only let me enter uppercase


It gives you small uppercase and large uppercase…


and they all (nearly) look the same. but you can use both types.


i wish i had 4 GB RAM. but then it is beyond me why you have such problems and me not? :man_shrugging:
for me it feels like the perfect fit for ipad. would not like to play it on a phone.


I agree @JammaTal , I’m surprised that out of the 11 of us participating in the tournament, 3 of us appear to be experiencing the same issue, while some folks don’t encounter it at all. As you said earlier, given the age of the app it seems unlikely that they have the resources to not only address the new Google requirements for 64-bit support, but revisit these issues.

One of the frustrations of keeping hardware until it falls out of Apple support, is that Apple is so generous with their length of iOS support that 1 GB of RAM became inadequate. I had issues with 1 GB of RAM on both my old iPad and my iPhone 6 Plus, so, when it became time to finally replace the iPad, I went a little overboard, especially since I knew I could spread the additional cost over 4 or 5 years. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in for the Leeds table … which appears to have been set up with a 3 day, not 30 day, timer. Should we fix that before we start the game and inevitably run out of time?


I’ve still periodically had the problem of not being able to submit a turn, but oddly just coming out of the app and waiting (and maybe replaying the turn, not usually a problem) seems to work. That would square with it being a server-side problem.




i encountered the problem once in the tourney, “sending” the turn failed.
obviously a server problem.
maybe the iOS update hit before the transfer to a new server provider finally took place.
so there may have been a time window when the problem held on although the game had already been updated?
since then it did not happen again in all three games, fingers crossed.

but Falkenstein’s problem wasn’t the same. he was “unable to click the green “check” to confirm my action, despite the hand appearing and pointing to it, instructing me to finish my action by clicking it.”

i’m running out of ideas. what was this?