2nd SP Brass Championship


I meant days not hours, not sure where I got 20 from. I have done two moves in 3 of the 14 days. So I have to fit the remaining 14 moves in 11 days. That is tough as the notification system on Brass is a bit poor.


with notification’s banner style set to “persistent” in iOS settings/notifications it should be no problem.

since i did that i have never missed a turn.

i have reported the following issues to the developer.
but honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if the support for a 3 years old app which might not generate much income any more won’t be the top priority for a developer. the more so as the three issues are no total gamebreakers.

  1. no badges
  2. the log sometimes breaks down.
  3. accept/check button for sending a turn does not work sometimes.


What was the result? Brass crashed on me before it showed the final scores. When I went back I couldn’t view the game. A screenshot?


I had the same problem - it showed me the turn 8 scores but crashed before adding the points on for money. Anyway, i (purple) won by two points from @jason1002, then IIRC green (you) with 130 ish and then @SleepingGiant (yellow).


Anyway, if anyone wants another friendly/more practice, 2 slots open in Eccles Cakes and one in Let’s Play! (which is some other random game, not one I started).


i can only repeat my appreciation for the developer’s great support for Brass.
i just got an answer to my email.
there have been issues with the server and they have moved to a new provider.
“Maybe something is not working as expected. We will investigate.”

some not-so-good news too.
i got the information that badges have “never been implemented for Brass”.
so we must go on with persistent notification banners.


London game is in, gg gents!

185 @SleepingGiant
178 @KYakerDude
141 @Ids


I just couldn’t place a Shipyard. :frowning:
Great game.


@JaneHatke your timer is ticking down. Just in case you’re a victim of the notifications :blush:


I have a hamstring injury and dealing with the pain. Sorry I held up our table.


I seem to frequently be unable to click the green “check” to confirm my action, despite the hand appearing and pointing to it, instructing me to finish my action by clicking it. It seems to be getting worse, I could sometimes do the same action in a different manner and be able to confirm it, but no longer. Does anyone else encounter this?

I was going to finish last anyway, so I’ve taken to passing to not hold up the game due to my frustration.


Yes, so many times with Brass that I got used to force quitting and restarting the app (on iPad double click the main button to open the app switcher then swipe up on the screen image of the brass app to force it to quit so it will reload from scratch when you open it again).


Okay, thanks @SleepingGiant , glad to hear it’s not just me and my iPad. That’s what I kept doing, restarting the app to approach what I was trying to do in different ways until it would actually let me confirm the action, or just giving up on it and taking a different action that the app would let me successfully confirm.

I wasn’t competitive in my game, as I said up at the top, “If you have a spare seat, and don’t mind a non-competitive player”, so I felt foolish holding up the game and getting frustrated. :thinking:


now i had the same problem with confirming/sending my turn.
have reported our ongoing problems to the developer.


Re Liverpool game: sent my turn a few days ago but it appeared that it was not received. So I got no further notification. Result is I am down to 6 days left at the start of the rail era. Hope we manage to finish.


so you had to do it again?

i keep looking into “online” game menu after having sent a turn, just to get the confirmation that it’s next player’s turn.


It’s still your turn Amin our game @JammaTal


table Manchester is finished

@SpiceTheCat 148
@Baelnor 120
@JammaTal 114
@JaneHatke 94

gg all.
strong games played by SpiceTheCat and Baelnor!
congrats for going into semifinals.


look what i just found in my screen shot collection of glory moments!
an old Brass game with @SpiceTheCat, @Baelnor and @Mirefox!
(i think it was the only time i could beat Spice.)

i was in better Brass shape back then :roll_eyes:


Haha! That was my first ever game of Brass, which is clearly reflected in my score.