2nd SP Brass Championship

Sorry people. I hadn’t set a Brass game up before. I also managed to set it up as 4 players.

Please join again, called Leeds v2 pass word SemiB.

Please note that despite the lower case font looking like it is upper case it is actually lower case so you do need an uppercase S and B. Pretty strange that they employed an upper case character, just smaller, as a lower case font. Very confusing.

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And we’re off …

Every game I play of this always feels totally different.

There is a real elegance in design to what looks symmetrical, but you select your strategy and just play it out.

Picture below is the end of the Canal Phase. I have never seen a shipyard built in canal before!


Leeds is done:

I believe that score was (assuming I matched the right color to each player):

@Baelnor 194
geigerm 166
@duckworp 162

yup, correct. can be seen in the screenshot before.
congrats to @Baelnor and @geigerm for going to the final table!

Lancaster is also finished.

1st: SpiceTheCat 201 pts
2nd: @SleepingGiant 192 pts
3rd: @KYakerDude 166 pts

Good game all. :+1:

GG to both of you, was fun! And congrats on such a high score @SpiceTheCat.

yeah, “The Spice” is back :open_mouth:

as player sequence is randomized in Brass anyway let me ask
Grandmaster @SpiceTheCat to create the final game.

good luck to our finalists @SpiceTheCat, @Baelnor, @SleepingGiant and @geigerm!

:grin: thanks @JammaTal.

Game is set up, Ellesmere Port, pw is Final. Good luck all.


update 1.10 is out.

“fixed animation engine on 64bit platforms / fixed network game”

final still running? is everything ok?

Yeah, we’re almost done with turn 5 of the rail era. I forgot to check the game for a few days, and we’ve had a couple of additional long pauses before that, but we’re making progress.

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Just a nudge to @SleepingGiant - I think the stealth notification might have passed you by :wink:

Indeed, sorry about the delay, trains are leaving the station again now.

We appear to be stalled out again … @SpiceTheCat, I think you’re up?

And complete! Final order;

  1. @SpiceTheCat 155
  2. @geigerm 133
  3. @SleepingGiant 120
  4. @Baelnor 113

Good game all! The final score doesn’t fairly show how tight the game was in the second phase.

By turn 14 my nice comfortable lead had gone and everyone was very close.

Thanks to @JammaTal for organising :+1:


congrats to Grandmaster @SpiceTheCat on winning the 2nd SP Brass championship :1st_place_medal: :trophy:

tournament took its time but was a full success in the end.
and the game seems to have recovered from all problems by updates and by moving to a new server.

next stop of the Decathlon train at the Brass station.
Brass is ready and red carpet rolled out.

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GG to all and congrats to @SpiceTheCat. Thanks @JammaTal for organizing the tournament. Notifications really make a big difference in playability.

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GG all and congrats, @SpiceTheCat!

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