2nd SP Brass Championship

after the 1st SP Brass tourney i had said:
“Brass must be one of the best and deepest boardgames of all.
i’m so glad about this great digital adaptation.
a next Brass tourney will come for sure.”

and this is the perfect fit to celebrate the recent notifications fix for Brass (version 1.9).

please leave a post to get in.

I’m a little wary after their Among the Stars debacle. Can anyone confirm this is, indeed, working acceptably?

Brass is one of the few (non hex and counter) games that for some reason I just don’t understand. I may be willing to try and sink my teeth back in to it as long as multiplayer is reliable.

I’m interested in playing. Brass is such an interesting game. I still don’t understand the strategy, but I enjoy playing.

the whole 1st tourney ran silky smooth.
the same with all my random online games.

one late update (iOS or Brass 1.8? no one knows) had broken the push notifications. the recent Brass upate fixed this.

Brass is definitely an everlasting challenge.
even for experienced veteran players because there are many promising strategies.

I’m in

we have just started a practice game for checking the notifications.
i will report.

Count me in.

I’m in!

I’ll play!

If you have a spare seat, and don’t mind a non-competitive player, I’m interested. :sunglasses:

Count me in as well please, username is ids
Thanks Ian

I too shall join the fray…

I’ll play

I’ll play!

i have waited on for some time because 12 participants would have been a perfect fit. but 11 players are no deal breaker.

1st round) two 4P tables and one 3P table. first two players on each table advance to
2nd round) two semifinal 3P tables. first two players walk into the
3) 4P final

random.org created these tables:




all top listed players must create a private game.
time limit: 14 days.
name= table / password= stately (can be the same for all tables)

grain of salt: our test game showed that Brass sends no badges.
notifications were ok for me.
so just take care to check your notifications.

@Baelnor, ok when i create the Manchester game?

looking into Brass just now. and player sequence is automatically randomized anyway.

so just look for game “Manchester” to join (pw: stately)

Created to London Game.

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Joined. Also found a game I joined months ago and didn’t know had started. Hope the new notifications work…

I have not played Brass multiplayer, but I’ll endeavor to figure out how to create the private “Liverpool” game and sent out invitations tonight! :slightly_smiling_face: