2nd SP Brass Championship

That wasn’t difficult, Liverpool game created, pw: stately

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for the tourney game and the friendly test game notifications work for me.
but no badges.
i’m not sure if Brass ever had badges though.

I’m just curious - how important are badges to everyone else? Badges are the most important notification for me because I rely on that little red icon to remind me that I nave to take a turn. It sticks around after your notifications are gone. It isn’t impossible to play without them, but they are really important to me. It’s baffling that they aren’t included in some game.


a good workaround for games without badges can be to switch individual notifications’ banner style for a game from “temporary” to “persistent” in settings/notifications.
esp when playing a tourney.

strange thing with badges is that in some games they are shaky.
sometimes ho! next time d’oh…

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@SpiceTheCat, your timer running down since two days.
i guess you haven’t got a notification?

i recommend to delete and re-install the game.
and (see above) to switch the banner style for Brass from temporary to persistent (in settings/notifications). that helps a lot.

Reminder @Ids and @feederofgoats, I’ve setup the London Table. Password is stately.

Picked it up , thanks Ian

Sorry I’m traveling - should be able to get on later today

Thank you. Moved and then updated everything as per recommendation.

If anyone wants a friendly, I’ve also started an open game - On Ilkley Moor.

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Did my invitation time out? I’m not seeing the game. If you’re already underway then no worries - I’ll join next time. Sorry for not responding sooner as I’ve been travelling.

@feederofgoats the invitation is still there. The table name is London, password stately. Let me know if you don’t think you can play; I’ll need to setup another game (it will not let me start without the fourth player).

@feederofgoats, you must scroll down in the “join game” list.
it’s there and waiting and won’t go away for a very long time.

Ah… I see it now. Although, despite my enthusiasm to join this tournament I think it is best for everybody if I bow out, as due to some work developments I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to keeping the game running smoothly. Sorry for inconveniencing everybody.


It doesn’t look like our fourth will be able to play. I cannot start the game with only three players. I guess the game already gout out the pieces. So I’ve created a new London table called: London2 Very exciting name!
Password is stately


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Opened a second friendly game, Eccles Cakes, if anyone is feeling under-Brassed :blush:

Does anyone have the problem when they try to build something but the game will not accept it? It even helpfully points to the accept (check) button; however it just doesn’t work. So far I’ve been able to force quit the game then re-do the build and it works.

What happens in the app if you run out of time? Our Liverpool game was set up as only 20 hours and due to me not realising I have a notification I have made two moves and am down to 11 hours. I suspect I’ll be out of time soon.

Last time that happened to me the game ended. No one won, it just ended. It sucks.

Really? That’s bad news. Maybe when people create the game they should max out the duration.

No, that’s not correct. It was set up as 14 days, as per @JammaTal direction. I just checked and it shows you have 11 days remaining, unless I’m missing something?

Edit: Here we go, here’s what I see on my end:

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