2020 Star Realms Frontiers Tournament thread

Raked my brain a lot about this. 12 (14) participants make stuff a bit harder to organize, but eh, whatever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So let’s have single-elim-prelim-with-a-double-elim-final-palim…palum, shall we?

First-round will be 4 players single elimination, where ONE player advances to the final round.
Games will be “best of three”, use Frontiers set only. Set timer to 48 hours

Report with final health (authority) scores if possible. We the bystanders, want to have some fu…ahem insights into what is going on over there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I skipped challonge for this time since I wasn’t sure about being able to set up the final round properly.
Randomized the player pool with randomizer.org
(Star Realms username in brackets)

Stars! Stars everywhere!

@irishdomer08 (mhatke)
@johnl (jlongo)

@Feygor (feygor)
@whovian223 (Whovian)

Slingshot racing is dangerous!

@JaneHatke (please confirm Star Realms username)
@Private_Prinny (Dai)

@kennfusion (kennfusion)
@JHTaube (JHTaube)

Live long and prosper!

@Baelnor (please confirm Star Realms username)
@Hardco (Hardco)

@KYakerDude (KyakerDude)
@geigerm (geigerm)

Who invites first is up to you, the game randomizes starting player anyways.
Have a blast everyone!

Lets go @whovian223, I challenged you, but beware, I fear I am really bad at Star Realms :slightly_smiling_face:

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@KYakerDude I sent two challenges since we’re playing at least two games, but feel free to decline one if you’d rather play one game at a time.

My user name is JaneHatke

So am I! :slight_smile:

Whovian223 over @Feygor 2-0.

Total Authority is 24.

(Edit: sorry, misunderstood the reporting requirements. First game was 23 to -14. Second game was 1-0)

The second game was too close :slight_smile:

Great games!

Thanks, first one on iPhone, too tiny for my old eyes. Second runs better on big screen. Really close. GG

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Great games @geigerm!

It was KYakerDude over geigerm 2:1

The scores were:

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Congrats–those were really good games. Good luck the rest of the way.

@kennfusion, you sent me an invite but you are playing JHTaube all three games.

oops, I totally read this wrong. Ok, well for fun or we can cancel. @Private_Prinny same. Me no read good.

Just to get this straight, we should be playing best 2 out of 3 with each player in our division, right?

Or should we wait for everybody to finish the first round?

Sorry my bad for wording it vague.
You are doing a “semifinal round” so the winners of the 2 pairings per group duke it out in the group final stage for the rights to advance.

I hope this was clearer now. @,@
I was putting in some space between the pairings but the forum software is eating empty lines and condenses it down…

Ah, ok.

So I’m waiting for the other pairing to finish.

Got it.

I am Baelnor on Star realms

@Hardco great games mate. I feel I went very heavy military with a few early picks and got a jump.

While I’ve always found early military to be good in Star Realms, this set seems even more so… Good games!

Single elimination tournaments make me sad… :cry:

Same here. I’m toying with the idea of organizing another Star Realms tourney after this one’s done, and it wouldn’t be single elimination …

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I don’t know of this matters to anyone or not, but Star Realms is up in the Decathalon, and I for one don’t l ow that I need two tourneys of the same game going, but I tend to limit my simultaneous games anyways.

Good point—I’d forgotten Star Realms was up next in the Decathlon. This tourney might overlap with the decathlon, but I won’t start anything until that round has passed.