2020 Star Realms Frontiers Tournament thread

@johnl over @irishdomer08 2-1

11, -8
-4, 20
26, -8

Good games!

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Sending you an invite @whovian223

Update time:

PP over @JaneHatke [11 vs -7] and [19 vs -6].
Good games, but I seem to be have been very lucky with my yellow card draws forcing you to discard often. Nevertheless, I think the games were closer than the scores might seem, because aside from the yellow combos my decks were bad~ not much was going on trough red card thinning out the fat.

And a quick update to the brackets:

Stars! Stars everywhere!

@johnl over @irishdomer08
[11 vs -8], [-4 vs 20] and [26 vs -8]

@whovian223 (Whovian) over @Feygor (feygor)
[23 vs -14] and [1 vs -1]

Slingshot racing is dangerous!

@Private_Prinny (Dai) over @JaneHatke (JaneHatke)
[11 vs -7] and [19 vs -6]

@kennfusion (kennfusion) vs @JHTaube (JHTaube)
Still ongoing

Live long and prosper!

@Baelnor (Belnor) over @Hardco (Hardco)
[35 vs -5] and [59 vs -9] ed: yikes!

@KYakerDude (KyakerDude) over @geigerm (geigerm)
[25 vs 0], [-4 vs 4] and [7 vs -4]

Thanks so far all participants for the nice heated space pewpew so far!

Re: comments about the format:
I was struggling with this quite a bit. I remember the old tournaments I administrated with a group-prelim and a single-elimination-final had its share of “too much, too long” comments as well. So I am not sure how to proceed. Especially with the number of participants, we get now on SP in comparison to when the game was new on PT.

This is the first time I implemented a double-elimination final as well, since back then I favored group+ single over the (imho more complicated) double elim format…

@JHTaube over @kennfusion 2 games to zero, but could’ve easily been quite different result
Game 1: 19 to 0
Game 2: 21 to -2

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@JHTaube Yeah, perfect storm of things going wrong and really bad draws for me.


@johnl over @whovian223
2 games to 1 (20:-7,0:37,36:-19)

Good, hard fought games!

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Yes! Good games, and I couldn’t remember if we had already played one. LOL

Is there an expansion in this game that gives you a unique starting deck, kind of like in Hero Realms? I always liked that. It might make me appreciate this more.

Not that I’m aware of.

Nope, you’re stuck starting with 8 scouts, 2 vipers, every single time.

The Gambits expansions do give you a couple of extra starting cards that either allow some extra actions whenever you choose to scrap them (like draw two cards, or gain two trade) or some permanent upgrades throughout the game (gain 1 attack at the start of each turn, vipers have +2 attack). That’s as close as you’ll get to a unique starting deck in Star Realms.

The only other set that changes the goal significantly is the Missions expansion, which gives you an alternate win condition–finish your 3 unique missions. You can still win the standard way, but the missions give you something else to shoot for if you can’t put together a good deck.

@JHTaube sorry about that delay for game three. In my confused mind I was thinking I already won twice against you, which obviously isn’t the case.

Having said all that I may have doomed myself…(Me? In a final round in anything? EVER?)


quick Update Time:

Stars! Stars everywhere!

@johnl (jlongo) over @whovian223 (Whovian)
[20 vs -7], [0 vs 37] and [36 vs -19]

@Johnl advances to the final round

Slingshot racing is dangerous!

@Private_Prinny (Dai) over @JHTaube (JHTaube)
[-15 vs 37], [20 vs 0] and [10 vs -3]

GG @JHTaube, especially the last game had me on the edge the whole time…with all the discards I threw at you (twice you had to discard 4 (FOUR!) cards) you still gave me a very hard time there, well played!

Live long and prosper!

@Baelnor (Baelnor) vs @KYakerDude (KyakerDude)

Still ongoing

I decided to wait with the final round start for our last contestant.
Technically I could have seeded him for starting in game two, but I am not familiar with double elimination systems, so I want to randomize that starting positions, lest I am said to be gaming the system or whatever :slight_smile:

Err, I am confused, who am I supposed to be playing?

I think we are matched up because we both one the matches in our group.

Yes, you both won your first games in your group.
Now you are supposed to play for the last (third) slot in the finals :sweat_smile:

@Baelnor and I had three great games!

KYakerDude over Baelnor
38 to -7
-1 to 30
11 to -6

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Great games! Heaps closer than the scores suggest :slight_smile:

Apologies for the delay, yesterday was my 40th birthday, and that was reason enough for my so-called “friends” to raid me…they (we) are at the age were every excuse to skip out on familiar duties is fine just to have a good old fashioned male-only alcohol deletion day. Despite my insistence of not having a party (because I am a lazy a-hole) they thought it was a good idea to force it by showing up at my front door…and since it is a holiday here in (parts of) Germany why not?

They really didn’t think it trough…most of their girlfriend-now-wifes know me longer than they know each other…In two specific cases I was the cupid anyway…surprise when all the ladies showed up half an hour later to surprise me (their husbands).

I couldn’t even hold onto my disgruntled dismay about the forced social interaction when I saw the terror/embarrassment on the faces of the alphas who just settled in…

I live in a small apartment. We violated every Corona-law in existence yesterday…and if nothing bad comes from it then it was worth it…

Even the ferocious headache I am having now.

Anyways finals…

Same rules apply as with the prelim round. Best of 3, reporting with final scores. Only Frontiers set enabled.

Good luck @KYakerDude and @johnl