2020 Star Realms Tournament Sign-Up thread

Since @TheDukester revived ye olde Ascension Tournament tradition, it might be my time now to revive ye olde Star Realms Tournament tradition…

The “Only 10 months late new Star Realms expansion called FRONTIERS released Tournament”

For people not in the know, Star Realms is a fun Deck Building game set in space (Spaceship go PEWPEW) not unlike Ascension. Its ruleset is tighter and easier to understand than later Ascension Expansions (in my opinion at least). Also, it is more “aggressive” than Ascension since you do not win by point value at the end but reducing the HP of the Opponent to zero.
It offers cross-play between iOS/Android/Steam!
And also not that expensive to get into it. The Core SET should be even free (no multiplayer and other stuff) on those platforms for interested parties who want to try it out first for free (against AI).

Trying to ping interest in such endeavors here.
As of this moment, there are 3 Base Sets in the App and several small expansions.

  • Core Set (and Gambits/Promos1/Bases/Events/Heroes/Fleets)
  • Colony Wars (and Cosmic/Promos2/Command/Heroes/Assault/Missions)
  • Frontiers (and Stellar Allies)

For convenience sake the tournament will only include the FRONTIERS set, no promos or mini-expansions.

If interested please leave your Star Realms User name down below.


  • Either way, I will start the tournament Saturday 25/4/2020 at the EARLIEST to give new players the chance to familiarize themselves with the game first. It may be a couple of days later depending on how things are moving here.
  • Also, note that you simply MUST make a move every 48 hours at least or you will be kicked by the game automatically since the timer works a bit different than the Ascension timer (no overall timer but a “per round” timer of 48 hours per player).
  • Also this will be a FRONTIERS set tournament, so please purchase that FRONTIERS set if not already done so

Bonus question for PT/SP tournament veterans:
Since @TheDukester did all the backend work in his Tournament in challonge himself, is this your preferred way of proceeding (is using challonge a PITA for you) or do you want the usual Challonge Tournament set up so you could report your standings directly there?

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Does anyone have pricing on Frontiers? I assume $5?

Unfortunately already bought it in the APP.

Steam says 3,99 EUR (steam has a curious pricing model, Core Set Full unlock is 4,99 as is Colony Wars)

I’m in–geigerm in-game.

I personally prefer to report my own results in Challonge, but it’s not a strong enough preference to really matter.

I’m in! jlongo in game.

I’ll play

I’m in! Hardco in game.

Ok. I’m in. JHTaube
Just bought frontiers so send some friendly invites for the practice.

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I’ll play. mhatke in game.

No real preference on challonge

kennfusion in game. no pref on Challonge

Sign me up. I beat go buy it

What’s the new decks unique selling point? If it’s frontiers, then more bases, more aliens?

The biggest difference is probably having a few cards with double ally abilities, which require playing two other cards of the same faction to trigger:

Otherwise, it’s more of the same mechanics, just distributed a bit differently throughout the set.

I’m in.

Whovian on Star Realms.

And I’m neutral on Challonge

I’m in.

KYakerDude in Star Realms.

I like Challonge, but whatever is easier for the tournament directory.

I‘m in.
Feygor in Star Realms.
I never used Challonge but will learn it if necessary.

Assuming @Snotty128 and @Mirefox are signing up as well (sign-up by association ;-P) we have currently 14 participants. 16 participants would be a nice cut-off point for ease of organizing an tournament.
Therefore I let the registration process run a bit longer to see if anyone wants to bite.

I wasn’t planning on playing, but I’ll happily join if you need someone to make up the numbers

Yeah, I’m 50/50. If you need the numbers, count me in; if you don’t, I probably don’t need to spend more money. Either way is fine, though.

Thanks for all the registrations. For the tournament please go over there.

@Mirefox and @Snotty128 I hope you won’t be too angry about me letting you sit this one out …