1st Stately Play Brass Tournament


oh oh!
i’m a bit puzzled just now.
the player sequence in the final game is exactly the same as the order of entrance has been :flushed:

i have created the game, and am going first now.
Snotty had joined next, and is second player now.
Holsten joined as second and goes as third.

so is player order randomized at start of game or not?
i was totally convinced of this. i would not have created the game otherwise.
what is your experience?
i will wait for answers before taking a turn.


I created the last one and Im pretty sure I didnt go first. Just a coincidence perhaps


No clue, but I’m going to pretend to be offended by the idea that the order wasn’t random and demand we redo it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i have played so many games and even created many open games with strangers.
i’m totally sure about the randomization because i once had a streak of bad luck, always starting in slot #4 :smirk:

i will take my turn now.


@SleepingGiant @johnl did you get enough players for a friendly game?


No, want to play?


Yep, count me in. I could do with some practice in the 3 player version, or Im happy to wait for a 4th


Are you still in @SleepingGiant? @JaneHatke also wanted to play. I setup a 4 player game called Stately Play1 and password: discourse (all lowercase).

I’d also be up for an additional 3 player game, would also like practice with 3 players.


Setup a 3 player game as well. Stately Play2. pw: discourse


Joined, game on!


What a great finale!
So depressing to press skip 2 times the last turn :laughing:
Congratiulation jamma!


final standings:
Jamma /134
HolstenKnight /129
Snotty128 /126
geigerm /99

great game. all scores together add up for a very good result in a 4P game.
geigerm suffered from early bankruptcy, but came back into the game.
Snotty had to suffer from brutal bad card draw luck at external market, closing it down and so giving me the chance to close down ports too.
so Snotty finished the game with the best potential score, but could not realize it, sitting on unshipped cotton.
Holsten suffered from dire straits in his very last move and could not carry out any victory plans (overbuild?/double-card iron at Barrow-i-F?).
and i suffered from in-the-middle-of-night tiredness and made a sloppy last turn, throwing away 2 more VP (should have built Northwich-Midlands of course).
guess i was just happy to have reached enough points for the win and so dropped the ball in that very moment.

a very enjoyable tournament. thanks to all players.
Brass is a perfect tournament game. not too long. no bugs.

and now…i can’t wait for my SP winner’s badge :grin:

2nd SP Brass Championship

some more notes on the final:

no single level 4 cotton was built :flushed:
all railroad tracks (except my omission in final turn. but i should have built the track) were built.
12 coal mines on the map. that’s a lot. (only 9 activated cotton)
all level 2 shipyards and even a level 1 shipyard were constructed.

i have always been “Mr. Cotton” who smiled when coal mines (“nearly no VP! just a waste of time”) popped up on the map, and who developed up to cotton 3 asap, thinking “you can’t win without high level cotton”.
but Snotty’s landslide victory in the semifinal (no cotton/no port) really changed my view on Brass.

so again it showed that “you can learn the most by losing”.
never feel discouraged by losing in Brass. it’s the best what can happen to you :sunglasses:

Brass must be one of the best and deepest boardgames of all.
i’m so glad about this great digital adaptation.
a next Brass tourney will come for sure.

and i feel ready for Terra Mystica :expressionless:


@JammaTal Congrats on a well-deserved win! As you noted, I played my way out of this game very early–didn’t recognize I was going bankrupt until it was too late. There’s no way to recover from a mistake like that against such solid opponents.


i can’t be without a game of Brass going on.

i will create a friendly game “StatelyPlay friendly” (pw: welcome)
for anybody on SP to join.

but make no mistake! overbuilds are allowed and will happen, i’m sure :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Congratulations to Jamma on a well fought win, and thanks for the thorough and detailed write up too.

My heart rose and then sank when you built those pair of level 4 ports, only to flip both of them yourself before I could reply. This was around the time Holsten started building his shipyards, so I saw my lead evaporate in the blink of an eye.

If I remember correctly we only had 2 successful shipments to the foreign market in the rail era, which I think is the minimum possible. I really could have done with those 9 extra points on the final scoreboard, but thats the chance you take.

Ive got a couple of friendly games already going with brass, so Ill sit this one out. Im certainly up for more brass in the future though


It was all a trap to put you in this position, for now that you have won, I get to make you set our badge policies! Here are some options: I can make a specific badge for each win (it doesn’t appear to be hard), I can have badges for any tournament win for a given game, I can have just “I won a tournament at SP”-style badges we can use for any game, or all three, and we can do that for second place, third place, last place, participation–you name it. We can use any Font Awesome image you like for each, and we can name them whatever you want and give them any description you like.

Here’s the Font Awesome images we can use. You give yourself a gold star, a golden birthday cake, perhaps a solid gold bathtub–whatever you think should be the badge. Also, keep in mind that we very nearly named this site “We Are Totally Wearing Pants”, so I’m broad-minded about silliness.


i count on you! always contender for the win. always the player who must be beaten to have a chance on the win. always inspirational moves “made by Snotty” :yum:

external market card draws:
i had taken screenshots of the complete game log, so it was no problem to look it up.

in 3/8 geigerm drew a -3 tile.
in 5/8 you drew the second -3 tile.
and one move later the last -3 tile to blow up the external market.

it can take 3-7 draws for that to happen. so only 3 draws was worst case indeed.
when two -3 tokens have been drawn before, chances are 40% for another shipment, because only 1 space left then.
that means only four tiles (0/0/-1/-1) could enable another shipment.
but six tiles would blow up the market.

tile distribution is:

on average the Distant Market will hit zero after ~4.5 distant market tokens are revealed.

from 3 draws up to 7 draws the likelihoods are:
3 draws: 18%
4 draws: 35%
5 draws: 30%
6 draws: 14%
7 draws: 3%

another very interesting screenshot from a BGG post:


It looks like brass the board game is getting an update, and a sequel!


Hopefully the app made enough money that we might get some of these new tweaks too


what great new board art!
the new board will look more like the app.
tapestry of realistic landscape with rolling hills, towns and villages.

but i have my doubts about making much money with boardgame apps :frowning2:

Brass - let's get in some hot mill action