1st Stately Play Brass Tournament

i would like to take care of a Brass tourney here on SP.
please post in this thread if you like to join.
the Brass tourney on another website suffered from absence of the organizer, and maybe the chosen Swiss system was a bit too ambitious.
so i would prefer a simple elimination tourney: the first two players at each table going into next round.


I still got no clue, what is exactly going on in Brass, but that’s part of the fun.

Count me in Jamma

Count me in, please.

I’m in! Definitely will play (and lose) this game.

Count me in. Thanks for organizing.

Im up for a bit more brass

Happy to join in on this one.

Does discourse support iframes? That would make hosting tournaments on challonge significantly easier and more visible.

I’ll play! 20 character limit for a reply…

Thanks for pointing me to this site Michael! I’ll play too.

glad to see you all on SP :grin:

i will keep this subscription thread open for some more time.

I’d like to play. Cotton milling and coal mining are some of my favorite hobbies.

I am in. :grin:
This improved the conversation a lot! Enough charcters now?

i think it’s time to start the tourney.

ok, i decided to seed the participating finalists of the previous PT Brass tourney.
i used the random.org app to shuffle the 3 finalists for creating 3 tables.
then i randomized the list of the 8 remaining participants to create the complete tables as follows:

table Coal: @Snotty128 / @johnl / @SleepingGiant / @JHTaube
table Iron: Jamma/ @Blackfyre / @halfvoid / @whovian223
table Cotton: @JaneHatke / @geigerm / @HolstenKnight

@Snotty128, @JaneHatke and me will create the tables, named “Stately Play Tourney/Iron” (Coal and Cotton), clock timer 14 days, passwords “Coal”, “Iron” and “Cotton” (capital first letter).

so please start looking into the game to find and join the tables.

the 3 top players of Coal and Iron and the 2 top players of Cotton will proceed to two 4P semifinal tables (fresh randomization, no seeds).
the 2 top players of semifinal tables will go to final table.

best card draw luck to all of you!
tournament has started NOW :grin:

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Joined the iron game. Forgot I’d uninstalled Brass to free up room on my device after the last tourney.

The Coal room is now open

our table Iron game is running.
game “Stately Play Tourney/Coal” has disappeared from the lobby. so seems to have started too.

@JaneHatke, is everything ok with your table "Stately Play Tourney/Cotton (pw: Cotton)?
if you have any problems creating the table, geigerm or Holsten could do that too.
would you prefer that?

Sorry for the delay. Cotton table started.

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no problem.
i just try to play my role as “stringent director” :grimacing: :grin:

table iron result:

Jamma / 166 pts
@halfvoid / 120 pts
@whovian223 / 110 pts
@Blackfyre / 88 pts

halfvoid, whovian and me proceed to semifinal tables.

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TL;DR: probably going to have to let my play clock run out in the coal table.

Full version: when first I registered on Brass I used my real email, and apparently they use the prefix before the @ as the screen name. So, I thought that was stupid, I don’t want give away my secret superhero identity to random people and besides in the tourney my screen name is the only way you guys would recognize me, and the app has no email verification step. So, I registered with a random domain as @xpskerchenxopiojs.com.

It was all going fine until they had a server glitch and forgot my password, which I also seem to have forgotten, as it was a one-off. So, now I can’t login. I’m not even sure if they have a password recovery step. Even if they do, I would have to somehow register xpskerchenxopiojs.com and set up an email address there, which I don’t have the wherewithal for. So, unless someone is willing to register that as the new official brass and other SP player domain and charge me for an email account there, I’m afraid my play-clock will just run down, just as I was actually starting to catch up in the game and move some cotton. Really sorry about that snafu, was not my intention!