1st Stately Play Brass Tournament



So good at Twilight Struggle, so bad at setting up throw away email addresses. Whatever will we do with you.

I agree that you were getting some momentum in our game. I think @JammaTal has been in contact with the devs of Brass before. Maybe they can work some magic at their end to let you continue


I truly appreciate that, but this is probably a case of PEBKAC. If @JammaTal wants to tell Brass developers anything, it should be to add screen name to registration flow and add a password recovery flow, not to deal with my one-off personal issue. I now have a SleepingGiant1942 email as a lesson learned.


And I just bought the domain name: xpskerchenxopiojs.com. I think that should be the official fake domain name for anyone who wants to play SP tourneys without a real ID. Now I just have to talk to my friends who know how to redirect it to an email server… hopefully before my Brass timer runs out.


after game launch i had suggested password protection for private games.

and i had asked for help with crashes.
(it showed those problems were caused by corrupted kernel libraries on my ipad. no specific problem with Brass.)

since then i’m not in contact with Brass devs.
i don’t feel like telling them what they should do.
i’m glad they installed passwords for private games, no matter how.

so if @SleepingGiant does not want to ask for help (i have sent him a PM with contact email)
@Snotty128, @JHTaube and @johnl will proceed to the semifinal tables.
it’s a pity though :pensive:


amazing engagement, @SleepingGiant :+1:

but won’t you need help with forgotten password nonetheless?
i remember the cublogames.com support as kind and helpful, and very fast response.


I’m not above asking for help in any way, and if they don’t have a password recovery flow that seems fair to reach out to them about it, I just need to make sure I can receive emails at the address I gave them first…


so let’s wait on and hope the best for Sleeping Giant.


If you send an email asking them to update your account info so you can login, they should be able to work with you to solve the issue. Can’t see how it would take more than a few minutes for them to update their database entry. I do this all the time for our users…


The Cotton table just finished:

geigerm 182
@HolstenKnight 172
@JaneHatke 129

Good game to both of you!


@geigerm, congrats on your win. Well played as always!


Yes, a fun game and a deserved win. :smile:


Thanks JammaTal! Your contact was able to solve it, I’m back in the game, sorry for the delay!


Hi, great news :smile:
glad to hear that.
and what a nice new avatar!

i hope your timer is still enough to carry you through to the final screen.


My opponents played with grace and skill. But, I came back like Leo DiCaprio.

Coal table final scores:

SleepingGiant 116
@Snotty128 115
@JHTaube 113
@johnl 60


very close final standings!
must have been exciting last rounds.
so your efforts to get back into the game paid off.

i’m a bit puzzled by the two scores for JHTaube?

ah, one of those scores must be for @johnl instead.
which score for whom?
i need to know for randomizing the two semifinal tables.
i will set up as JHTaube/johnl till i get to know.


Sorry, I just cleared up my typo above. It was a really close finish, I thought it would be a tiebreaker, which I think is based on income, but it turned out I had 10 £ left in the bank for 1 more point to push me just over the distinguished competitors.


i just ran random.org for determining the Semifinal Tables (no seeds):

table “StatelyPlay/Money” (password “money”)
@Snotty128 (please create the table)

table “StatelyPlay/Fame” (password “fame”)
@geigerm (please create the table)

the first two players at each semifinal table will proceed to the Final Table.
let’s have some fun! game on!


in one of my games the app handled the tiebreaker in a wrong way.
obviously a small bug.
so we must be prepared to overrule the app result if needed.


i just noticed that table Money is a kind of rematch table for Coal :flushed:

well, that might become another close game then :grin:
i can’t wait for it.


Just created the Fame table–I did make the password all lowercase, as @JammaTal specified, so just be careful when signing up.