Yellow & Yangtze

Yellow & Yangzte is a brand new release from Dire Wolf Digital. It is based on the tabletop game of the same name and is a sequel of sorts to Tigris & Euphrates. This thread is for discussion of the game so as to not take over the Stately Citizen Journalism thread.

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A couple observations while working through the tutorial:

  1. The game seems to have started development prior the more recent screen aspect ratios. It uses the method of filling in the sides with textures/colors to fit the whole screen. Not a game changer for me, but something I am always aware of. Still, I prefer this to black, unused space.

  2. The game uses a method of tile placement that takes a little getting used to. When you chose a tile, it hovers over your finger as you move it around. Your finger, therefore, isn’t resting where you want to place the tile, if that makes sense. Fortunately, the game very clearly indicates where your tile will be placed so there isn’t any ambiguity about that.

  3. Perhaps because I didn’t originally have both black and blue tiles in my hand, the black tiles appeared navy to me and I made some mistakes in placement. That’s certainly something I’ll get used to.

  4. The game looks to have the same level of polish as Raiders of the North Sea. It looks great and runs well. I did get one instance where I failed to connect to the multiplayer server, but I simply closed the app and reconnected.

Now if only I could learn the game…

Until the bug is fixed where front page posts aren’t getting posted to Discourse, I’m sure this thread is fine.

I’m still on the fence on this one, just because I’ve never played the board game and I’m unsure about wanting to learn another one through the app itself.

How’s the tutorial?

My in-laws are in town for what seems like 1,000 activities over the next 48 hours, so I’m going through the tutorials slowly. So far, everything is perfectly clear. I haven’t gotten to the confrontational elements of the game, though, which were always the hardest part of T&E for me to understand.

As I mentioned in the Stately Citizen Journalism thread, I am excited about this game because it may fill a specific need for me with a specific group of people, so I may have a bit of a skewed perspective on it. I’m happy with it so far, though.

I’m not one to complain about app pricing but I do understand how a $10 (US) price point could keep this from being an impulse purchase, especially for anyone who already has T&E. I highly value the games that my long-time friends and I can dig deep in to, so I’m willing to pay about anything for the game that fits our needs, which are often demanding.


Apologies to anyone getting invites from me that doesn’t even have the game. I’ve been poking at various icons…

Here’s a link to the front page post for those not sure how to get to it

How close is the gameplay in this game to T & E? That remains the only app I’ve ever rage deleted, and it wasn’t the presentation.

I’ve only played T&E a couple of times, and that was a couple of years ago, but it seems awfully similar. The game is hex-based, pagodas are created a little easier, and each color leader has a special ability associated, which can help make actions a little easier to complete, but at its core you have the same system of laying leaders and tiles, scoring points, causing revolts and wars, etc. Scoring is the same, too, where your final score is the lowest of all scores.

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This game doesn’t have notification sounds. What is Dire Wolf’s hang up, there. It’s not a deal breaker, but I can’t think of many apps that don’t give you a sound. Dire Wolf seems to do this purposely. If I could have sounds with no badges or badges with no sounds, I’d definitely take the later but I would love if they could add sounds into their games.

Games have notification sounds? No kidding? I honestly didn’t know. The only one I ever remember hearing was the sword sound from Samurai.

What’s the sound for TtA? I need to turn my ringer on…



Most these days just use default iOS sounds. Chimera games used unique sounds and there was one game that always freaked me out because the sound was some guy saying “It’s your turn.” That might have been Polytopia.

The thing about sounds is that even with the phone muted, I get a little buzz to let me know.

Like I said, it isn’t a big deal, but it is curious.

The creepy it’s your turn guy is Carcassonne


Oh yeah! It’s always fun when I forget to turn that off and he talks to me while I’m dozing off in bed, lol.

Anyone interested in a 3 or 4 player game? I’m irishdomer08 in app

I am …

yup! me!
JammaTal+5156 in Y&Y

Rob what is your ID?


Friend invites sent to you both


Seen and accepted … thank you …