Wingspan players wanted

Weird. I guess they presume you can bug your friends to make a move.

If we get a game going, I suggest a private chat channel where we can notify that we’ve taken turns. Just in case (though apparently notifications on iOS are ok but you get the notification without the badge)

I’d like to play if anyone is willing to start one with me.

Set up a game with @hardco @geigerm and @Mirefox

Are 3-player games of Wingspan preferred? I’ve only played 4-player in person.

In person, I’ve only played 4-5 players. On the app, I’ve only played 2-player.

So I’ve actually never played 3!

We are going to lose a player before the game starts. I think it is @geigerm but I may be wrong.

I believe it was @whovian223 this time?

I’m the one who created the game so it couldn’t be me

Yeah, I guess it was me—no idea how and why. I’ve been playing other games in the app multiple times per day and never saw a turn notification for that one.

Does the person who started the game always go first? I was pretty sure last time I checked (since I”m not sure about notifications) it had @whovian223 with 3 hours left on the timer.

Is it just me or is player identification and turn order a little confusing (at least on the iPad)? I haven’t actually played an online game yet, but that one I was just invited to didn’t indicate very well what we were waiting on. I actually thought it was my turn for a few minutes and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make my move.

But I could just be an idiot.

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I think it’s pretty confusing. From what I’ve figured out:

  • When a new game is starting, if you see a ?, that indicates a slot that a player hasn’t joined.

  • Once the game has started, if looking at your game list, an hourglass over the player avatars indicates it isn’t your turn, while a series of right arrows indicates it is your turn.

Figuring out if it’s your turn while you’re looking at the game is trickier … it’s your turn if you’re actually allowed to take a move, but other than that … ?

I saw a a question mark and an hourglass each time I checked, which is why I didn’t go into the game

Should we try again?

I’m up for it!

@geigerm @Hardco do you want to try that again?

Yeah, I’m in.

Me too.

Ok, it’s created!